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360logica Offshore Testing Services and QA Consulting

360logica acknowledges the importance of offshore testing services as a way to beat market competition and boost profitability and sustainability of businesses and IT enterprises. Low cost of our testing services, high-quality yet affordable QA services, cost-effective automation tools, test management within the budget, on-time delivery, and customized strategy with complete focus on project requirements have established 360logica Lab as a top-notch offshore partner for software product testing.

Effective Offshore Testing Services: Common Concerns

Need to accelerate business and reduce investment in project-specific infrastructure are key considerations that make enterprises look for offshore testing partners for verification of their applications. While bringing down operational costs remains the primary motive, these companies expect their offshore partner to maintain the highest quality standard associated with their products and care for end-users as much as they.

The following are the most common concerns clients have while selecting offshore testing services.

  • Technical skills, domain expertise, and professional competence of the team
  • Security policy of offshore partner and respect for intellectual property
  • Complete understanding of requirements of the project and knowledge transfer
  • Reliable delivery schedule and standard
  • Seasoned project management
  • Communication and approach

360logica Offshore Testing Services: Assured Care for All Concerns

We fully understand concerns of our partners and strive to provide appropriate solutions guaranteeing the best software product testing quality and QA services through the following ways.

  • 360logica encourages enterprises to assess skills, infrastructure, and proficiency of testing professionals in the team against specific requirements of their projects.
  • Our team profile presents a perfect blend of experience and expertise in relevant domains.
  • We follow a comprehensive security process capable of addressing all client concerns on physical, network, software, intellectual property security.
  • We sign offshore testing service agreements with clients assuring deliverables, quality, support, and satisfaction.
  • 360logica welcomes clients to visit its offshore software product testing lab, evaluate competency of experts, select dedicated teams as per their requirement, and train professionals, whenever required.
  • Our professionals also join on-site development teams of clients, adopt their process and flow effectively, and contribute to the quality of their products using software product testing and QA consulting expertise they have.
  • Project managers at 360logica are skilled to manage the project and trained to take care of client concerns and requirements proactively.
  • We follow a transparent and flexible approach that assures care for quality, budget, and timeliness goals of clients and incorporation of suggestions at every stage.
  • Our experience in providing offshore testing services has enabled us to formulate policies and effective methodology for tracking of project status and quality goals and regular sharing of documentation and status report with clients.

360logica Offshore Software Testing Services: The Advantage

Enterprises are increasingly resorting to offshore testing services in a bid to outsource routine work and focus more on core business. 360logica as one of the best-of-breed vendors not only covers all aspects of software product testing and QA consulting, but goes well beyond it to focus on value addition to each and every product through the following.

  • Expert professionals competent to handle both offshore and on-site QA consulting and testing services.
  • Affordable packages guaranteeing lower cost and improved quality of software product testing and QA services.
  • Established abilities and infrastructure capable to match any type of outsourcing skills required for offshore software product testing and rise above expectations of clients looking for long term relationship.
  • Dedicated team of in-house experts with rich software product testing experience in banking, retail, IT, healthcare, insurance, energy, telecom, and other sectors.
  • International standard of delivery ensuring quality with the given budget and timeline.
  • Value addition to offshore testing services through
    • independent testing from end-user point of view
    • lowest possible cost and time giving due market advantage
    • customized strategy focusing on project-specific requirements
    • extensive static testing, full-cycle verification, and extensive validation
    • QA services aimed at reinforcing present setup and development
    • total test management with focus on reduced risk and greater acceptability.
Outsourced Software Testing
Outsourced Software Testing

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