E-Commerce and Auction Website Testing

360logica software testing company has ample expertise and experience in design, development, and implementation of complex and critical e-commerce website testing frameworks. High user visibility, time pressure, and significant business exposure demand employment of intricate methodology and the highest technical proficiency for functional testing of e-commerce sites. Our approach based on integrating test scenario testing with the development process and complete transparency focuses on providing timely e-commerce website testing solutions within the budget.

360logica E-Commerce Website Testing: Expertise Blends With Experience

E-commerce website testing presents a challenge. If the testing process fails to discern all bugs and assure the flawless functioning of websites, there is a likelihood of expensive fallouts. Customers discontented with error-prone functionalities may seek alternatives leading to loss of revenue in the short term and market reputation in the longer term. An e-commerce website testing process is usually also under considerable time pressure due to demands of business and market criticality. Our endeavour has resulted in a new approach that enables integration of testing with the application development process and cuts down the time required significantly.

Experts at 360logica software testing company have developed robust models for global product delivery, custom programming, robust QA, flexible engagement, and effective support and maintenance services for clients across all industrial sectors. These models when customized according to client-specific functional testing provide useful and full-fledged solutions inhibiting time and cost overruns.

360logica Center of Excellence, the driving force in our software testing company’s efforts for innovative and customer-friendly solutions, devises tailor-made tools and methodology for end-to-end e-commerce website testing services. Our familiarity of market dynamics and technology highlights the ability of 360logica team to use tried and true mechanisms either in situ or in modified format depending on different test scenario testing requirements. 360logica writes bidding, auction critical test scenarios for the customer to test end-to-end bidding/auction algorithms. We offer fixed-cost functional testing solution packages for new and existing e-commerce and auction sites to enable them to overcome challenges and constraints in technological upgrading successfully.

E-Commerce Website Testing: Services and Offerings

360logica offers e-commerce website testing within a small budget and can provide suitable web products verified through the established testing process for effective business value addition and optimization. Our expertise in e-commerce website testing, as well as payment gateway testing, enable us to perform full-fledged testing covering the length and breadth of the site and work in close cooperation with customers to meet their requirements without falling. We identify unwanted patches, weak links, and broken functions and suggest appropriate measures to set them right. Websites are tested and validated keeping in view their targeted performances, expected traffic, and end user convenience.

Our e-commerce website testing packages offer the following services.

  • General website testing

  • End-to-end functional testing

  • Auction algorithm verification

  • End-to-end workflow testing

  • Bidding scenarios testing

  • Order management testing

  • Testing of performance of page rendering and transaction

  • Payment engine integration testing

  • Security and penetration testing

  • Browser Compatibility and Usability testing

  • eCommerce Mobile App testing using around 50+ mobile devices

Advantage 360Logica

  • Trim down e-commerce website testing cost by 70%

  • Testing services for all budgets

  • Reduced stress on client resources and employees

  • Independent verification of e-commerce website testing results

  • Extensive domain, market, and product experience

  • In-house experts and experienced business analysts

  • Awareness of market dynamics and latest technologies

  • Well-established infrastructure and well-versed talent pool

  • Fast turnaround, on-time delivery, and working hours as per client time zone