eLearning & Content Management System Testing

360logica provides full spectrum of e-learning testing and QA consulting services for software companies, institutions, service providers, and other constituents working in the field of education. The rich experience we have gained in e-learning testing and quality assurance over the years comes in handy to support clients in educational application development, management, and maintenance. Our end-to-end application validation services cover the length and breadth of the industry, right from course testing and education delivery services to resource management and administration activities.

360logica E-Learning Testing Landscape

We work with your SME to develop course testing and delivery framework for custom e-learning courses and learning management system. Our testing and quality assurance team ensures courses have high graphic content and strong instructional designs. We provide K-12 education testing and QA solutions based on AICC/SCORM compliant content. 360logica e-learning testing team has extensive experience in the QA and validation of a variety of learning management systems, including SABA, DOCENT, Plateau, ASPEN, SumTotal and proprietary, ASP, Java, and .NET systems.

360logica provides e-learning testing solutions for content management systems, such as Alfresco custom software, FatWire, Joomla, etc. Our K-12 education testing and quality assurance team inspects the process of implementation of a content management system and ensures that it corresponds to the agreed criteria. Early quality controls imply better productivity and a safe bet for the development team and benefit the customers, who receive a high-quality product.

e Learning Testing

Our Testing Service Offerings

E-learning testing services for

  • Custom courses

  • Any LMS

  • Standard LMS products – SABA, DOCENT, Plateau, ASPEN, SumTotal, Moodle

  • K-12 education testing and quality assurance

  • Institution management application testing

CMS testing services for

  • Enterprise CMS

  • Web CMS

  • Mobile CMS

  • Component CMS

Course testing for

  • Online courses and product demos

  • Interactive and engaging modules

  • Applications for web-based training

  • Instructor training software

  • Self-learning applications and tutorials

  • Simulations and product tutorials

Why 360logica E-learning Testing Advantage

  • Excellent domain knowledge helps to figure out potential problem areas, estimate client requirements in clear and pervasive terms, and provide high-quality solutions

  • Expertise in latest technology and tools

  • Use of both licensed and open source tools help reduce costs and increase compatibility

  • Dedicated pool of talent and well-established e-learning testing infrastructure

  • Custom-made K-12 education testing solutions

  • AICC/SCORM compliant course testing

  • Traceability of functions and requirements

  • Decade-long experience and extensive domain expertise

Key Differentiators

  • More than 70 percent saving on your budget and on-time delivery

  • In-house experts motivated by goal to achieve excellence

  • Adaptable and flexible working hours

  • On-site and offshore e-learning testing services

  • Tries, tested, and customized methodology

  • Transparent and flexible approach

  • Ready-to-use test packs

  • Guaranteed security