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DevOps and Digital QA

To stay successful in today’s competitive market, both quality and speed matters. Today’s business model largely depends upon the integration between the development teams and operations team, commonly known as DevOps to assure both quality and speed. Moreover, the need for continuous collaboration and delivery has led to the adaptation of DevOps culture, including tools and technologies.

Internet of Things (IoT) Testing

IoT is one of the rapidly developing markets we have seen in the last couple of years. With the advancement in technology and the increasing number of software and devices in IoT everyday things are going to change. This has raised the need to test IoT based application to ensure a high quality application. However, it requires a completely different approach, keeping in mind the elements involved in IoT and the ever-changing technology. Test strategies and planning hold key to start with IoT testing.

BI and Analytics Testing

With the growing complexity in the IT industry, QA holds the key in assisting business in making perspective and intelligent decisions. The quality of a BI solution is dependent upon the quality of the provided data and the value of findings it delivers. An effective testing can help in ensure data credibility through a comprehensive test strategy that includes test planning, infrastructure and QA teams, developers and business users.

Test Factory Solution

360Logica’s Test Factory Solution The Test Factory is the next generation of software testing. It is a compelling alternative to conventional remote offshore testing and highly expensive in-house efforts. 360Logica’s Test Factory solutions is specifically designed to meet today’s client and market demands for superior value & time to market, high quality, cost certainty & … Continue reading Expertise

Mobile Application Testing

The need for comprehensive and efficient mobile application testing has grown considerably in the past few years. Market unveiling of cell phones devices of advanced versions with different operating systems and complex functional platforms has resulted in growing demand for wide-ranging and foolproof mobile application testing tools.

Healthcare Application Testing

With dynamic regulations and ever growing competition in the healthcare industry along with large investment in research and development, there is a high demand of quality in this sector. This has created the need for severe healthcare application testing. New healthcare necessities involving patient and latest software must assist everyone, including doctors, nurses, etc. So, Quality is not just the matter of brand, but someone’s life as well.

Salesforce Testing

Salesforce Testing Service is a CRM application build on platform which provides functionality for using standard applications or creating own custom applications in the cloud. It covers all the areas of customer relationships ranging from marketing to service which helps in building better customer relationships. There are different cloud platforms exists on … Continue reading Expertise

Finance Product Testing

Finance application testing of product software is essential to establish its competencies and reliability. Growing customer expectations, convergence of banking with a range of financial services, and the need for rapid consolidation have increased the importance of sophisticated IT solutions and demand for their continuous availability and effective real-time functioning.

SaaS Product Testing

Effective SaaS product testing is essential to build reliable platform using unfailing solutions. Software as a service applications have transformed the IT industry. SaaS programs, including cloud technology, are widely used as a delivery model for a number of business applications. Testing SaaS delivered models requires an approach completely different from traditional testing solutions that take into account a large-scale convergence of delivery models and end-use convenience of customers.

Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium automation testing framework has gained wide acceptance as a popular and successful mode of website automated testing in a very short span of time. Selenium tools for testing are now preferred choice for testing graphical user interface and functionality of web-based applications developed for all types of industries ranging from travel to biotech, pharmaceuticals, and technology. Selenium automation testing offers a cost-effective open source testing framework for performance and other parameters to attest reliability, quality, integration, and compatibility of web applications.

Open Source Performance Testing

Open source performance testing has been much in demand because of its low cost. Open source automation tools for testing are used for load tests, standardization, and development acceleration. Easy availability of automated testing open source tools have almost upstaged their commercial counterparts, and open source testing software that come with competitive features and without licensing costs provide a proficient way to test performance of applications in a real environment.

Accessibility Testing

With the advancement in technology, mobile devices and their applications have become pervasive. From ordering food to playing a game, mobile devices can be used to do a plethora of things without any geographical barriers. However, to maximize the productivity, applications need to be accessible by all, including people with disabilities.


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