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BI & Analytics

With the growing complexities in the IT industry, QA holds the key in assisting business in making perspective and intelligent decisions. The quality of a BI solution is dependent upon the quality of the provided data and the value of findings it delivers. An effective testing can help in ensure data credibility through a comprehensive test strategy that includes test planning, infrastructure and QA teams, developers and business users.

360logica BI and Analytics Testing: Key Elements

Data Warehouse/ETL testing

360logica BI testing team ensures that the data movement and transformation rules have been applied as expected.

Report (BI) testing

It includes drilling verification, sorting, and export functions of the reports along with usability testing and testing different data sets.

Performance and Load testing

Scalability and performance of the system are validated under different loads.

360logica BI and Analytics Testing Approach

We consider the following features of DW/BI testing while creating tests:

  • Business logic
  • Complicated architectures
  • Data complexity and volume
  • Data sources and selection of data
  • Inconsistent DW data
  • Changes in source database
  • Changes in business needs

With the expertise in testing BI applications, we are adept and prompt in gathering information from the very beginning to avoid any errors.

  • Preparing Test Data
    • Selecting test data: A subset of production data is identified as test data based on the parameters like percentage, number, time, etc.
    • New test data generation: Generate data using data generation tools by identifying the constraints and dependencies and understanding the range of values.
  • Designing and Executing Test Case
  1. ETL Testing:
    • Validating data extraction, loading, and transformation logic
    • Validating data quality
    • End-to-end testing of data flow, considering calculation logics and business rules
    • Checking inconsistency and completeness
  2. Cube Testing and OLAP:
    • Checking data mapping and designing in OLAP reports.
    • Validating measures and measure groups, and aggregations
    • Validating dimensions
  3. Reports Testing
    • Verification of the design format, including style sheets, filter attributes, etc.
    • Using the web environment to verify export functions, drilling, and sorting.
    • Reports verification with metrics like subtotals and aggregates
    • Targeting lower level if it is higher than the OLTP transaction grain
    • Understanding of the report and its association with each field displayed in the report.

Advantage 360logica BI and Analytics Testing

  • In-depth technology and BI/DW knowledge
  • Fair understanding of the principles related to database
  • Expertise in testing complex data architectures
  • Perform non-visual testing or that those are not easily tangible

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