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Finance Product Testing: We Understand Your Distinct Need

Finance application testing of product software is essential to establish its competencies and reliability.  Growing customer expectations, convergence of banking with a range of financial services, and the need for rapid consolidation have increased the importance of sophisticated IT solutions and demand for their continuous availability and effective real-time functioning. Finance product testing beforehand helps know the application’s shortcomings, reliability vis-à-vis customer satisfaction and changing regulatory requirements.

360Logica Finance Application Testing

The dedicated BFSI testing services team at 360logica has the experience, expertise and resources to cater to the finance testing requirements of organizations of all size. With several years of exposure to the technology-related and apparent challenges facing the financial, banking, and insurance companies, our finance product testing services cater to the distinctive requirements and situational parameters specific to this sector. We offer banking software testing solutions designed to function in an open environment through complete knowledge transfer and proficient finance testing quality systems.

Finance Product Testing
Finance Product Testing

360logica Finance Software Testing Services

BFSI testing services at 360logica covers all types of segments in the financial industry. Our finance testing solutions cover:

  • Financial application software testing, including treasury software, capital market software, trading software, credit domain software, payment engine software, investment banking software and wealth management applications related to institutional equities, corporate advisory, investor relations, and investment management.
  • Banking application software testing, including retail banking software, corporate banking software, mobile banking software, private banking software and other software related to money transfer, credit cards and loans, computation, accounting, microfinance, net banking, and customer service.
  • Insurance application software testing, including claims processing software, customer service portal software, portal inquiry and search software, financial accounting software, and software related to dynamic insurance management.

360logica Finance Software Testing Process

Finance product testing at 360logica includes a detailed and effective process.

  • Step 1: Knowledge transfer and test preparation keeping in view the objectives of financial product testing.
  • Step 2: Formulation of BFSI testing strategy and test analysis review keeping in view specific industry needs.
  • Step 3: Development of finance testing plan design and test packs.
  • Step 4: Test execution and simulation software testing.

Advantage 360logica Finance Testing

Finance application testing by 360logica offers a number of advantages.

  • Dedicated and skilled talent pool proficient in finance software product testing and sub-system integration.
  • Expertise in understanding the unique features and needs of the financial sector, product complexity, legacy system, and problems in ensuring multiple integration.
  • Priority study of domain and business by Business Analyst-QA before venturing into software testing sessions.
  • Ready to use and convenient test packs for finance application testing.
  • Open source testing tools that offer easy traceability of functions and requirements.
  • Reduction in finance product testing by more than 70%.
  • Reducing burden on your employees and overall operational cost.
  • Independent analysis of user reliability and competence as a part of our BFSI software testing process.
  • Fast-turn around and dedicated finance application testing team that work as per client time zone.

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