Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing: Sophisticated Tools for Multiple Platforms

The world has seen a considerable rise in the need for complete and effective mobile application testing in the past few years. Today, cost you can find the market flourished with mobile phone devices with different operating systems of varying versions. With complex platforms and advanced versions, check the need for comprehensive mobile application testing has been growing. The growing competition in the market, especially telecom sector, has made mobile application testing quick and cost-effective. This is seen as a prerequisite to sustain in the market.

360logica Mobile Application Testing: We Understand Your Requirements

With the latest developments and changing requirements, 360logica provides comprehensive mobile web application testing tools at a reasonable cost. To cope up with the emerging challenges of complex mobile devices, we provide extensive training and monitoring of the latest trends and development in testing. This enhances the technical proficiency and caters the need to test various Smartphoneversions, including iOS,Blackberry, Windows, and Android mobile applicationtesting.With the expert testers onboard, we continue to excel in mobile application security testing,creating automated tools, and incorporating new hardware and software with existing testing environment.

Mobile Application Testing
Mobile Application Testing

360logica Mobile Application Testing: Includes All Services

With our mobile application testing tools you can customize the test for all types of devices and software. The important features of our services are mentioned below:

  • Our mobile web application testing tools are independent of operating system, functionality, and device versions. In addition, we provide testing for all phone devices and tablets with multi-touch and all keyboard configurations.
  • We can help manage your customer base by helping manufacturers to build automated tools for mobile applications. This includes applications on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows based devices.
  • To avoid operational bottlenecks, we perform testing on real devices and environment with extreme proficiency.
  • Economical and automated mobile application testing tools for iPhone, iPadOS, Blackberry, Windows phone, Kindle devices and different versions of Android.
  • iPadOS application testing tools considering all factors, including end-use expediency and expectations of different types of consumers.
  • Our mobile application security testing covers a range of system alerts, gestures, and threat visualizations to provide a complete solution fordifferent platforms and device versions.
  • Performance testing, stress testing, reliability and localization testing, compatibility and interoperability testing, and synchronization and data exchange testing.

360logica Mobile Application Testing: Benefits

The in-depth expertise of testing domain allows us to design tools on the basis of software development life cycle, which can be used on various operating systems and functionalities. We can quickly incorporate a new process to your existing mobile application testing tools, which make the things look much easier. Our experts understand the complexity of the mobile web application testing and the severity of even a single error. With vast experience with multiple devices, we can easily identify coding errors, hidden bugs, and complexities that can impact the application in the future. Our programming knowledge helps overcoming complex situations that hinder the functionality of mobile applications, irrespective of device, location, or language. We ensure the highest level of standards and reliability while choosing mobile web application testing tools.

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