SaaS Product Testing

SaaS Product Testing

SaaS Product Testing: Unique Solutions for Distinct Delivery Models

Effective SaaS product testing is essential to build reliable platform using unfailing solutions. Software as a service applications have transformed the IT industry. SaaS programs, including cloud technology, are widely used as a delivery model for a number of business applications. Testing SaaS delivered models requires an approach completely different from traditional testing solutions that take into account a large-scale convergence of delivery models and end-use convenience of customers.

360logica SaaS Product Testing Solutions

360logica teams entrusted with testing SaaS products are well versed about the function, relevance, advantage, and commercial use of software as a service applications. We are aware of its characteristic uniqueness and our software testing in the cloud solutions takes into account its performance as a veritable business delivery model. Our complete understanding of SaaS programs used for custom reports and dynamic IT solutions and competence to handle deployment customizations help us offer perfect services for testing SaaS applications.

Understanding SaaS Programs

Software as a service applications offer a better replacement for traditional licensed software we use in our business. Popularly known as on-demand software, this software delivery model is faster and the risk is less. Software is hosted centrally using cloud technology and users can acess them using web browsers. It is widely used as a common delivery platform for all types of business applications, such as accounting, invoicing, content management, service desk applications, customer relationship management, human resource management and enterprise resource planning. Our software testing on the cloud solutions take into account this wide application of SaaS programs.

SaaS Product Testing
SaaS Product Testing

The following points show important advantages of SaaS programs

  • Businesses can have complete control over their software buying cycle. No need to spend vital corporate resources to scout, test, and incorporate solutions time and again. You can get it from open source and stay as a user paying just monthly or quarterly.
  • No dependence on IT service providers. Software as a service applications provide an alternative to traditional requirement for IT resources. You can create and configure easy-to-use tools with minimal training.
  • Create economies of scale by optimum use of resources and following pay-per-use model offered by SaaS programs. Run your firm’s IT architecture on same code base and apply one customization to all deployments through templates.

360logica SaaS Testing Services: Advantage

We offer all types of SaaS product testing services. The 360logica team is experienced in testing SaaS applications in various types of industry. Our software testing on the cloud services include:

  • Testing SaaS products for industry-specific global application.
  • SaaS product testing for upfront performance based on requirements and scale of operation planned taking into cognizance customer expectations.
  • Security testing of SaaS programs based on threat model analysis and understanding and sharing of potential threats with your software development team.
  • Scalability and capacity testing of software as a service applications to minimize resource wastage and enhance reliability.
  • Business specific application testing on the cloud to make sure that the application is compatible and infallible.

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