Healthcare Software Testing Services

360logica delivers superior and cost-effective healthcare software testing solutions and QA services for the pharmaceutical industry, clinical systems, and associates in the trade. Our approach recognizes the unique standard of IT applications in the healthcare sector and follows precise and agile healthcare software testing procedures. We work in a structured environment with focus on implementing systems that guarantee quality, robust QA services, increased efficiency, and enhanced business productivity.

360logica Expertise in Healthcare Software Testing

We consistently work with clients to devise low-cost and efficient healthcare software testing solutions and QA services for the industry facing challenges on the IT front. Experts at 360logica Center of Excellence fully recognize the rigorous standards required for healthcare software quality assurance and ensure compliance to industry standards, strict regulatory frameworks, market and in-house requirements, and procedures. Whether it is general healthcare application, embedded software for instrumentation, critical clinical systems, healthcare-oriented systems, or healthcare billing software testing, our proficiency assures reliable, safe, and complete testing processes, QA services, and products.

Healthcare Software Testing: Key Offerings

360logica with its excellent domain knowledge assures clients of one-stop testing services. We offer healthcare center of excellence for customers who are looking for dedicated teams for QA services. Our lab has necessary talent and infrastructure capable to carry out multifaceted and intricate lifecycle phase-independent testing activities, including healthcare billing software testing, R&D software testing, embedded application testing, and necessary IT improvements for clinical systems. We carry out both global and localized healthcare software testing supporting regulatory requirements and reducing IT implementation costs across the industry.

We offer healthcare software testing in the following areas.

Testing and QA services for hospitals

  • Hospital chain management systems

  • Healthcare support and associate systems

  • Clinical systems

  • Both financial and nonfinancial applications for healthcare industry

  • Healthcare billing software testing for invoicing and account applications

  • Medical imaging testing

  • Patient management and outpatient, we also handle application related to emergency patients service.

  • Integrated system applications

  • Attendance software

  • Medical report management software

  • Database management software testing

Testing and QA services for pharmaceutical industry

  • Pharmacy chain management systems

  • Financial applications for pharmacy industry

  • Drug compliance software testing

  • Drug distribution, medical stockiest applications

  • Biotech research software testing

  • OTC and research drugs distribution software testing

  • Sales and accounting software

Testing and QA services for test centers

  • Embedded instrumentation application testing

  • Report generation application

  • Management software

  • Floor integration application

  • Medical report management software

  • Database management software testing

For healthcare associated businesses

  • All types of financial, nonfinancial, and management software testing and QA services

360logica Healthcare Software Testing: The Advantage

  • Ample experience to aid expertise healthcare software testing

  • Domain and market awareness to help clients figure out requirements based on scale of operation and end user expectations

  • Customized strategy and flexible approach following detailed study of client need for healthcare software testing

  • Minimum resource wastage and maximum business optimization guaranteed

  • Healthcare software industry testing with focus on compatibility, reliability, security, and completeness

  • Ready-to-use and reusable test packs brings down software testing cost

  • Assured on-time delivery and high quality

  • Use of open-source tools assure better scalability, resource optimization, and interoperability

  • Testing team comprising of skilled and in-house experts

Key Differentiators

  • Awareness of market dynamics and understanding of industry-specific requirements

  • Expert business analysts to head QA services and prior project evaluation

  • Resource optimization and cost-saving by 70%

  • Reduced pressure on clients’ employees and business operation

  • Independent software verification

  • Customized methodology and transparent approach

  • Test management, fast turnaround, and proactive communication

  • On-site and off-site software testing teams

  • Dedicated team working according to client time zones