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Software quality and reliable performance is vital, but maintaining dedicated testing teams is time and resource intensive for a business. With outsourced testing solutions available they now have the option to save resources and focus on their core business without being concerned about quality assurance in software functionality. 360logica professional testing and QA services guarantee quality, satisfaction, and timeliness.

360logica Offering Models: Combination of Talent and Infrastructure

Competency, low cost, sophistication and fast turnaround drive 360logica professional testing and QA services. Our dedicated teams and labs are equipped with latest tools, resources, and infrastructure that completely satisfy testing and security requirements of clients. With a focus on bringing out the best possible consistency and effective real-time functioning of software products, 360logica offers testing, test management, and test automation services for BFSI applications, e-commerce websites, auction sites, e-learning courses, mobile applications for all platforms, gaming, healthcare, retails, social media, and other industries.

The following points showcase what make 360logica a perfect choice for outsourced testing solutions.

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Dedicated Teams

360logica Offshore Development and Testing Center provide dedicated testing teams for every project. A qualified project manager takes over the reins, oversees the entire project, from planning to completion, and keeps the client updated about the progress. The dedicated team has a number of professionals entrusted with clearly defined duties as managers, business analysts, test lead, test analyst, test engineer, QA, domain analyst, configuration management analyst, and others as per the project requirement. They focus unwavering attention to the project and ensures the best possible quality. The following are important benefits 360logical dedicated testing teams offer.
  • Optimum use of resources of clients through devoted support mechanism and focused approach.
  • Better cost efficiencies through suitable use of talented professional offshore.
  • High quality standard and timeliness through dedicated workforce.
  • Hassle-free test management and fast resolution of issues through steadfast communication.
  • Transparent and focused dealing with customers.
  • Quick ramp-up of QA resources and reduced management overhead
  • Easy training and cultivation of project objectives.

Professional Services

Our professional testing and QA services remain at every stage to help, suggest, and assist customers in ensuring guaranteed quality assurance in software development and performance. The following points showcase characteristic features of 360logica testing services.
  • Onsite qualified expert help for clients to help determine performance, diagnose bugs, and enhance security and quality.
  • Affordable professional testing and QA services that suits every budget.
  • Prompt response, flexible approach, steadfast customer service, and round-the-clock communication.
  • Our experience in software testing help make near perfect test estimation and better test design and implementation.
  • Use of state-of-the-art licensed and open source tools give our professional testing and QA services an edge.
  • Talented pool of employees and infrastructure readily available. Testing experts, analysts, QA coordinators, project managers and product specialists are certified and skilled in their respective area.
  • Guaranteed quality product and satisfaction.

Outsourced Testing Solutions

360logica is the preferred choice for outsourced testing solutions because of its expertise in diverse verticals, skilled workforce offering the best quality, and credible customer reviews. We focus on quality assurance in software functionality through independent testing and analysis. Our outsourced testing solutions both onsite and offshore that judge, examine, and improve the performance of your applications in the most effective way. They help you improve competitiveness, fine tune your products, save time and money, and accelerate business transformation. The important features of our testing solutions are
  • Onsite and offsite support by skilled professionals.
  • Comprehensive testing services and polished delivery model.
  • Test automation and management services.
  • Test planning, design, and development of test cases follow the finest industry standards, such CMM and Six Sigma certifications.
  • Full-cycle Verification and Validation
  • Unit, integration, regression, and acceptance tests
  • Functional and performance testing
  • Extensive and economic static testing and risk management
  • Total project management

Center of Excellence

360logica Center of Excellence for Testing aims at fostering excellence in third party testing of software through deployment of competent professionals and implementation of international standards, including Global Delivery Model. With stress on innovation, skillful utilization of resources, employment of latest technology, and holistic business practices, we strive to provide quality and competent services to clients. Our Center of Excellence for Testing aims at providing the following benefits to clients looking for effective and reliable testing services.
  • Greater support by allocating required manpower and resources with clear instructions about role of each individual and coordinated efforts to reduce overlapping and wastage of time.
  • Effective and round-the-clock communication and technical support
  • Employment of right talent, efficient project allocation, and high quality deliverables
  • Independent and cost-effective testing services without compromising on quality
  • Employee training as client requirements and technical demand.
  • Performance transparency and flexible cost structure
  • Reduced project cost and time
  • Increased productivity and reliability
  • Use of best test management tools to plan, execute, track and supervise the progress of projects.
  • Strengthen business relationship through continuity due to its high resilience to disasters
  • Providing full fledged consulting and testing services.

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