Dedicated Teams


Dedicated Teams

Your Offshore Test Lab

360logica dedicated teams, equipped with all possible human and technical resources, take care of your comprehensive independent software testing requirements. Our state-of-the-art offshore test lab makes sure that security and specific needs of your business receive top priority while you are receiving all the benefits of outsourced software testing. With our vast experience of providing software product testing and QA consulting services for all types of businesses, we can help you develop and implement robust yet custom-made business applications.

Offshore Development and Test Center

Developing and testing a software application at reduced cost to leverage market competition while maintaining quality consistently is a colossal challenge for software development teams. 360logica Offshore Development Center (ODC) offers attractive low-cost packages for selenium automation testing, performance testing, test management, finance application testing, SaaS application testing, testing solutions for ISVs, user acceptance testing, and agile application testing. Low cost, flexible approach, high quality, proficient experts, ready-to-use test packs, international standard of delivery, use of open source tools for testing, and focus on customer service make our software testing services unique, convenient, and affordable for all.

360logica’s Offshore Development and Testing Center (ODTC) combines the cost advantages available offshore with the convenience, communication, and security you expect from our US-based labs and on-site teams. When you choose 360logica Lab’s ODTC option, we deploy one of our qualified, experienced project managers, who will be your interface and oversee all aspects of your project. In effect, we offer you the same excellent levels of service and delivery standard available from our domestic labs at significant cost savings.


    • Comprehensive software testing, QA consulting, and test automation services for all business applications. We offer the best possible and cost-effective testing solutions for ISVs, performance testing, user acceptance testing and functional testing.
    • Optimized IT resources that help cut costs and better use of resources. Through automations and customized software testing approach, 360logica Lab helps make optimum use of resources you have and cut down time and cost incurred on staff, technology, and other requirements.
  • Cost efficiency is guaranteed. Created by competitive labor rates in India are multiplied when combined with cost savings from process automation developed in the United States. A partnership with our software testing company guarantees savings of 50% or above on US QA costs. Our experience and expertise also help minimize overall cost by controlling escalation and development of economical life cycle maintenance of software testing automation.
  • High standards of quality maintained throughout software product testing process. Established standard practices for operation management, including change management, guarantee the highest standards of quality, reliability, and delivery module.
  • Transparency for customers. We follow a transparent approach that help customers estimate costs beforehand, monitor progress, and control the software testing process in partnership with us. To resolve issues, our customers can access US-based resources.
  • Full capabilities in the United States. Data located in safe and secure data centers based in the United States ensures your business interests are fully protected while you enjoy our software testing services.
  • Quick ramp-up of QA resources as per project and client requirements. Experienced software testing and test management experts help accomplish the task without any overlapping and help you catch your fixed market introduction schedule.
  • Flexible cost model without compromising overall quality of software testing services and QA consulting offers a huge advantage for our clients.
  • Hard-to-find skill sets readily available at affordable prices. Providing the best outsourced software testing is the main objective of 360logica Labs.
  • 24×7 testing and QA services using a variety of licensed and open source tools for testing.
  • Risk mitigation to enhance benefits of clients. Forging partnership with us will help you overcome challenges involved in staffing multiple projects with different demands and deadline.
  • Low overhead cost for training new staff helps reduce burden on your resources.
  • Effective software test management by 360logica helps reduce management overhead and create a more potent workforce focusing on core business and profitability.

Whether your organization is looking for a lower overall cost for ongoing management of your enterprise applications or needs offshore labor to tackle specific project work, 360logica software testing services offer a solution for you.

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