Outsourced Testing Solutions


Outsourced Testing Solutions

With expertise in different verticals and the best talent pool in the industry, 360logica outsourced software testing services guarantee excellent quality and superior skills at affordable prices.

Developing a software, deploying it, and fixing loopholes to make it robust are no longer the acceptable norm in software development and market assimilation. Users are not prepared to wait around for the shortcomings to be fixed because of time, cost, and technical expertise constraints and the intensified market competition. They want everything delivered for foolproof and immediate market integration.

Similarly, independent software testing and assured QA consulting have become a necessity to impartially judge the performance and functionality of applications. There has been increasing demand for user acceptance testing, performance testing, and functional testing by experts well experienced in examining applications from a neutral position. Software product testing independent of project management ensures that applications are tested objectively and from the viewpoint of unforgiving customers and the potential defects are highlighted.

Outsourcing application testing and QA services to a resourceful, self-sufficient, balanced, and capable independent software testing company, such as 360logica Labs, assures you the objectivity vital for successful implementation of a project and helps accomplish the goals effectively, at economical price, and within the deadline.


Competitiveness and increased profitability drive organizations to outsource regular operations not part of their core competencies. Software testing services offered by 360logica Labs provide a unique solution that combine domain knowledge and the finest possible outsourcing capability to make headway for innovation, superior business competence, fast and quality delivery, and improved competitiveness.

Why Organizations Outsource: Three Key Considerations

  • Cost Management: Reduced costs and improved resource saving are two most important considerations behind outsourcing software testing and QA services. It relieves pressure on management and budget, frees organizational resources, and allows one to focus on core competencies.
  • Risk Management: Outsourcing software product testing minimizes the risks associated with the recruitment, training, and management of the in-house staff for that purpose. Organizations can avoid investing in manpower and infrastructure for testing solutions, software testing automation, and test management, as we offer assured access to latest skills, knowledge, and expertise.
  • Business Acceleration: Outsourcing accelerates the marketing reach and increases the ability to beat competition. It transforms businesses by optimizing use of resources, offering enhanced access to state-of-the-art facilities and skills, and improving the schedule of delivery and quality of service.

Outsourcing is a strategic decision to enhance organizational competency and selection of a perfect partner with adequate outsourcing expertise as well as knowledge of industry-specific requirements influences its successful realization. 360logica software testing and QA consulting services offer a number of advantages that help clients increase their resources, sustainability, and profitability and enjoy real benefits in cost, risk, and business competency management.

360logica Independent Software Testing Company as Outsourcing Partner

We at 360logica aim at forging long-term business relations through cost-effective and flexible approach that makes available the best possible quality to our outsourcing partners. While our team of competent professionals focuses on delivering the complete range of software testing and QA services, we also provide need-based expert services to clients by allotting individual test resources.

Our professionals assist clients in designing and implementing their own 360logica process and infrastructure for performance testing and software testing automation. The software testing experts at 360logica help in complete test management, starting from developing customized test automation to test execution and achievement of desired results within the estimated time and budget.

Advantage 360logica Software Testing Services

  • On-site and off-site software testing and QA services by experienced and proficient 360logica team of professionals.
  • Development of test cases and test framework following the established industry standards, including IEEE, CMM, and Six Sigma processes.
  • Full-cycle verification and validation that takes into account the following:
    • Component and unit testing, user acceptance testing, and integration validation.
    • Functional testing to validate the configuration and security.
    • Tuning and regression testing.
    • Performance testing to verify the load capacity and stress, and set benchmark standards.
    • Recovery and reliability testing.
  • Extensive static testing, which covers the following:
    • Analyze requirements and review of design and code to discover deficiencies, flaws, and bottle-necks.
    • Complete documentation checking to validate installation guide, admin guide, and support measures to ensure that everything is faultless.
  • Development of test strategy and goals based on stated requirements and integration of test objectives with the test framework.
  • Remote and varied software product testing and on-time feedback delivery.
  • Effective mechanism to discover defects and prompt tracking and documentation of such issues.
  • Comprehensive QA consulting based on quality and cost-effective test plan development.
  • Affordable and flexible approach offering thorough and independent software testing.
  • Reinforcing test infrastructure through QA services.
  • Test plan execution and selection of the most suitable tools for testing.
  • Total 360logica test management offering zero risk.

360logica software testing company executes all assigned projects in its state-of-the-art lab giving primacy to complete protection of your data and business objectives. Our in-house experts complement each other through exchange of market knowledge, wide experience, and expertise in independent software testing. Every project is handled by dedicated a team of professionals appointed to look after planning, management, execution, and quality assurance at different levels. With extensive experience in offering independent software testing services for multiple sectors, our proficiency assures success for our business partners.

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