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Professional Testing Services

Onsite Expert QA Services

360logica Labs provides on-site software testing and QA consulting by qualified engineers, well-experienced in executing projects related to acceptance testing, software testing automation, performance testing, and other testing solutions for ISVs. They join development teams at your office and complement them with their seamless assist. Their expertise and experience in independent software testing add that extra punch to your capacity to meet quality standards and deadlines. Our expert test engineers are well-conversant with on-site handling of software testing services done within your own premises and adapting to your office environment in the quickest possible time.

Affordable Software Testing Services

360logica is committed to providing affordable test management and independent software testing services suitable for every budget. Our vast experience of software product testing helps us ascertain exact cost estimates. We identify effective test framework, mythologies and tools that cut down costs without compromising the quality parameters. Our test management process strictly adheres to your budgetary limits and ensures that you have full control over time and cost overruns. We offer cost-effective packages that make latest testing solutions for ISVs, Selenium automation testing, and agile application testing services affordable for all.

Responsive Communication and Flexible Approach

Responsive communication and flexible approach drive our customer services. Prompt response to your requests, project completion within demanding deadlines, and flexible approach to accommodate client suggestions at every stage complement our capacity to deliver comprehensive software testing and QA services. Our core beliefs and service ethics are based on a foundation that stem from unfaltering customer service and trustworthiness. Project managers at our software testing company are highly communicative and make all possible efforts to assure clients in absolute terms about our dedication and commitment toward the delivery of services on time and within the budget.

Extensive Software Testing Experience

Which tools for testing are the most suitable? How can you find the most appropriate estimation and methodology guaranteeing complete control over your outsourced software testing process? This is where our extensive experience of outsourced software testing and QA services really helps. It is not possible for a development team to keep track of a large number of testing tools and emergence of new methodologies for software product testing. Dedicated QA consulting experts at 360logica, with years of experience and expertise with software testing estimation, tools, and methodologies for all types of businesses, allow clients to find out the best catering to their requirements. As a software testing company, we strive to keep ourselves aware of the advancements in this field and our expertise enables us to suggest you the best possible techniques. This allows developers to focus on their core task and excel in that, leaving the rest to us.

Proficiency in State-Of-The-Art Testing Tools

With dedicated focus and varied experience of providing QA services gained through multi-sector and wide-ranging engagements, our experts can readily offer you a perfect blend of experience and expertise. Continuous upgrading of skills and thorough understanding of the latest tools for testing software by engineers and QA professionals at 360logica Labs provide you with readily available expertise in all types of open-source or licensed tools and methodologies. This distinctive advantage makes sure your outsourced software testing requirements are fulfilled comprehensively and within the deadline. With the experience of accomplishing multiple projects on performance testing, functional testing and software testing automation, we rely on skilled experienced specialists to find defects and develop a robust test framework for our clients.

Team of Highly Skilled Professionals

The Professional Services division at 360logica Labs has expert software testing engineers that use their rich experience and extensive expertise to provide you with high-class QA consulting and implementation services. The team also include skilled business analysts, talented product specialists, and qualified quality assurance coordinators. These professionals have comprehensive experience of providing quality assessment and business application performance testing services for BFSI, e-commerce, e-learning, gaming, healthcare, mobile, retail, Web 2.0, and other sectors. We recruit the best talent and encourage them to improve their skills to make sure our clients have the advantage of the most up-to-date capability available.

Customer Satisfaction and Shared Growth

Our experience, expertise, and cost-effective software testing services revolve around a client-centric approach. Experts at 360logica Labs believe in shared growth and consider satisfaction and business growth of our clients as their real achievement. We align with business objectives and values of clients, offer the best quality, and minimize cost and time to make sure you enjoy the maximum possible benefits of our outsourced software testing services.

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