According to World Health Organization’s statistics, an estimated 1 billion people live with some form of disability. Whether making your website inclusive and accessible for ethical, legal or business reasons, you will face many challenges. Some of the most common disabilities are:

  • Vision impairments

  • Auditory impairments

  • Mobility impairments

  • Learning disabilities

With the advancement in technology, mobile devices and their applications have become pervasive. From ordering food to playing a game, mobile devices can be used to do a plethora of things without any geographical barriers. However, to maximize the productivity, applications need to be accessible by all, including people with disabilities. Accessibility enables people with different abilities to better access the resources using special techniques and tools, sometimes referred to as WCAG 2.0 Audit. 360Logica has uniquely positioned itself to ensure enhanced website or application accessibility and usability.

Myths of accessibility testing: There are some myths and facts of accessibility testing which are mentioned below:

  • Myth: Accessible website creation is costly

  • Facts: It is actually not expensive. Just think about the accessibility issues while design phase with some basic testing. It will save money and time

  • Myth: Changing inaccessible sites to accessible is time consuming

  • Fact: It is not required to incorporate all the changes at once. Working on necessary basic needs for disable user will help.

  • Myth: Accessibility sites are plain and boring

  • Fact: Web pages can be made attractive but should be designed to be accessible by all users

  • Myth: Accessibility is of physically disabled only

  • Fact: Accessibility guidelines improve overall usability of the software which makes more friendly to regular users as well along with blind and disabled.

360Logica Accessibility and Compliance Testing Offerings

360Logica accessibility assurance service offerings ensure easy use of software applications by the people with disabilities. We have the required experience and resources for accessibility testing, which helps the organizations to grow their business by adding new customers to their existing customer base. We ensure that the technology offerings are accessible to all, including people with disabilities.

Our accessibility assurance service offerings include the following:

Test Center
We have a dedicated unit/test center for independent testing of applications running on multiple devices.

Evaluating Web Accessibility
Based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 we perform 508 compliance checks on your website.

Evaluating Mobile Accessibility
Based on the Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 and WCAG 2.0, we ensure a uniform user experience of applications for disabled users. In addition, we focus on getting usability feedback from real users who are differently able.

Expertise and Structured Process
Our fixed core team of experts ensures Quality testing with structured process, which includes test environment management, test repository management, coordination management, and more.

Reports & Demonstrations
We create a detailed accessibility report and demos to resolve any failures related to accessibility.
In addition to all these, we have the expertise in accessibility testing using the latest tools, which includes JAWS, NVDA, WAVE, FireEyes, and SortSite.


360Logica Accessibility Testing Approach

360logica caters the need to perform comprehensible accessibility testing for each phase of your project from requirements, design, development, content, conformance testing and maintenance. We can help you in identifying accessibility related issues and provide compliance solutions in each phase of your project. Our accessibility engineers will work closely with the developers to help them understand 508/ADA compliance and other requirements related to accessibility and usability.

In Our Accessibility testing services we offer review of the end user needs along with platform support to define minimum Conformance level of compliance level required (A, AA, AAA). non-sighted users (Talk back for android, Voiceover for iOS), Jaws16/Jaws17/Jaws18 or NVDA for Windows), users with color blindness (CC analyzer) and Keyboard accessibility (keyboard alone). For users who have color blindness (CC analyzer) Keyboard accessibility (keyboard alone).

Below accessibility testing approach will be fine tuned

  • Identify the test environment after discussing with the customer.

  • Verify that all the features of the Software/Webpage to be tested works fine.

  • Check that the elements of the software package or webpage like dialog boxes, PDF, tables, form fields, links, multimedia, etc. that are to be tested are present according to ’ Section 508 compliance’.

  • Carry out a manual test on the features covering maximum scenarios.

  • Select some of the best testing tools for testing.

  • Maintain a bug tracking tool to report all bugs.

  • Carry out regression testing on the build after bug fixing.

  • Check the test cases and ensure all pre-conditions are met.

  • Track all the reported bugs till closure or resolution.

Which will focus on key testing components like Keyboard Access, Skip Navigation, Logical Headings, CAPTCHA, Color, Timed Responses, Video and Multimedia alternative, Links and fonts. Below proposed end to end solution will be optimized as per discovery phase and below are the expected outcomes:

  • a) In-depth page-by-page analysis of the application under test

  • b) Identified violations of WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

  • c) Recommendations for enhanced accessibility

  • d) Summarized level of compliance.

360Logica 508 Compliance Testing Benefits

  • Dedicated testing lab well equipped with Open source and Licensed tools

  • Test engineers with average 7+ years of experience

  • Use of accessibility testing tools like JAWS, WAVE, and NVDA

  • Successfully delivered 10 large accessibility testing projects in the last 2 years

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