Functional Testing Automation Methodology

360logica provides quality, robust, and on-budget functional testing framework, including Selenium automation, using avant-garde technology and tools. Marked by commitment to ensure the best and driven by high delivery standards, our software testing services offers high range and cost-effective of functional testing solutions assuring rapid and consistent performance. Our extensive experience of executing functional testing services quickly and efficiently with the help of a variety of licensed and open source tools and proven expertise in developing latest automation testing frameworks help clients validate functionality of applications quickly and efficiently during pre and post. 360logica software testing services assist clients’ acquire and enhance automated testing capabilities through creation of economical and reusable scripts that facilitate automation of textual, graphical, or online user interfaces.

Functional Test Tools and Frameworks Expertise

360logica QA analysts are proficient in latest technology and tools, including Selenium automation, QTP, Watir, Winrunner, and QARun, and experienced in handling complex functional testing frameworks. We have expertise in using a range of tools, including the following most used ones.

  • Mercury tools, including Winrunner and Xrunner

  • Open source tools, including Selenium automation, Watir,

  • QARun and Test Partner

  • AutoIT, Canoo, QTP, Jmeter

  • Test Complete and Rational Robot

  • Protector

  • Nightwatch framework

360logica Functional Testing Automation: Key Features

  • Quick and efficient functional testing framework

  • Advanced Selenium Automation Lab providing consolidated functional automation solutions

  • Economical and well-organized manual functional testing

  • Latest technology and tools

  • Use of both commercial and open-source automation tools

  • Methodology offering superior ROI and unfailing functional testing framework

  • Dedicated SME and throughout project support

  • Seamless knowledge transfer

  • Expert evaluation of test readiness and test bed design

  • Design analysis, test script writing, and their validation through comprehensive review

  • Automated execution of test metrics and validation within time and budget


360logica Functional Testing Automation: The Process

360logica software testing services make sure clients get more than automated test framework and tools. Test engineers at our lab expand their automated test development and execution activities to cover test procedure automation across all levels, optimize framework role, and streamline the end use process. This facilitates easy management of test methodology, tracking, version control, requirement traceability, result and documentation management, execution schedule, automated troubleshooting and reporting, and real-time status display. 360logica functional testing framework provides complete automated solution with enhanced, updated, and comprehensive test sequences that helps clients reduce total test time and resource deployment.

The key activities 360logica functional testing automation include are:

  • Defining test architecture

  • Automated identification of test cases

  • Execution of test cases

  • Documentation and reporting of results

  • Recording of process for automating test cases

  • System arrangement for Boxed installation

  • Creation of notes for knowledge transfer

  • ROI measurement

360logica Value Proposition

  • We have state-of-the-art functional test automation lab with complete infrastructure.

  • We have high caliber in-house experts, automation test engineers, and experienced managers on our pay rolls.

  • Our well-maintained knowledge repository is convenient to use and easy to access.

  • 360logioca experts identify, create, and use of re-usable assets cutting down costs.

  • We facilitate seamless transfer of knowledge once the initial expert involvement is completed.

  • Our work environment retains in-house experts and offers adequate scope for training and upgrading of test engineers.

  • We have ample expertise of automation tools to execute projects across various platforms.

  • We have ample expertise of automation tools to execute projects across various platforms.

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