With the increased complexities in testing applications and ever-changing organizational needs effective software test management has gained a lot of significance. It requires great coordination to unify team effort and client requirements with tools and technology especially when developers face the situation of developing and delivering multiple applications at the same time. Perceptive software test management services help in selecting the latest tools and technology that can be utilized by the best personnel and skills recruited.

360logica Targets the Real-Time Software Test Management

Steered by broad experience and utmost competence 360logica software test management services endorse best techniques, ensure maximum swiftness, and align a personalized test management strategy. With proficiency in real-time test management, our focus lies in identifying the best methodology for test management, design, and tools for assessing and following the best parameters in the entire process.

Test Management and Strategy

Robust methodology and real-time test management focused on exact client requirements are essential constituents of 360logica QA consulting and testing services. Exceeding the traditional task of test management, professionals at our lab plan, assess, and monitor quality goals at every stage keeping in mind the budget set by clients and specific use of applications. We select the best tools and methodology based on our experience and devise customized strategy that assures systematic, reliable, and effective test management for our clients. Our methodical approach, effective test cases management, ability to handle all type of test scenario, world-class delivery module, and harmonized use of the latest technology assure clients reliable and value-added software test management services.

360logica Test Management Services: Key Features

  • Comprehensive Test Case Management: A software application testing involves creation and execution of hundreds of exclusive test cases. 360logica creates, evaluates, executes, and manages each of these efficiently and to the advantage of clients.

  • Proactive Communication: Communication during the testing and QA consulting ensures in better coordination with clients and apprise them of developments at every stage. It helps us incorporate changes as per modified requirements and apprise development teams of measures to improve products.

  • Quality Tracking and Monitoring: Our project managers and in-house QA consulting experts keep constant track of quality and ensure that all set quality goals are reached during the testing process.

  • Schedule Maintenance and Test Execution: Right from test case management to test execution, our mangers keep the testing services going as per the planned schedule and ensure on-time delivery.

  • Effective Resource Mobilization: Every application requires a unique test scenario and exclusive test cases depending on specific needs. We assemble suitable human, material, and technical resources for projects. We deploy in-house and the most experienced professionals for QA consulting and testing services while qualified project managers handle communication and non-technical affairs.

  • Selection of Tools: Our testing services use a number of open source and licensed tools, including Test Link, SpiraTest, JIRA, Zephyr, Test Track, and Quality Centre, exclusively for test management, which offers clients more convenience without additional costs. These tools allow coordinated testing services and help streamline planning, team effort, implementation, and technology harmonization leading to optimum use of resources.

  • Planning and Methodology: Our experience in providing software testing services and QA consulting helps us plan test strategy and adopt customized methodology the most suitable for the client requirements and assure low testing costs.

  • Test Scenario Management: We have ample expertise to create and control different types of test scenario and keep interferences to the minimum. It assures the reliable and objective testing.

360logica Testing Strategy

Our test strategy is viable to validate complex applications and match aggressive development schedules without compromising on the quality of the outcome. Shaped by our decade-long experience in QA consulting and testing services, our well-planned strategy includes planning, execution, and assessment keeping in view the client specifications, budget, market requirements, and latest technological improvements. Right from creation of test cases to validation in the simulated test scenario, 360logica testing strategy covers the entire process. The comprehensive test management and strategy pays attention to selection of the best tools, assembling the most experienced team, fixing roles and responsibilities, thorough plan documentation, impartial assessment, and fixing bugs for good. 360logica testing team has the capability to handle simultaneous testing of multiple applications with uncompromising quality.

Test Cases Management and Strategy

Test Design & Approach

Test design and approach vary from one project to another depending on product, client requirements, market perspectives, and capability of chosen vendor. Flexible and transparent test approach of 360logica assures clients of low cost, proactive communication, and superior quality of testing services. Our customized test design and methodology incorporate all client requirements, adopt their process, and ensure the best possible QA services. Experienced in-house professionals leading our teams design and develop testing services providing clients immense advantage in the form of open source tools and on-budget and on-time delivery.

360logica Test Design

Our test design assures systematic and thorough testing and QA services guaranteeing fewer bugs, fast turnaround time, less hassle for end users, and more effective methodology. 360logica experts have developed breakthrough test approach based on Behavioral Modeling. This novel technique ensures the maximum testing coverage with the help of test suites of minimum size. Less guesswork allows more robust and reliable QA services.

Solid, actionable test approach by 360logica addresses key concerns, such as time constraint hindering market introduction, overlapping testing services leading to rise in costs, and discovery of too many bugs inviting more focused testing services. Our scalable approach is compatible to provide the best enterprise-driven solutions in any type of environment and empowers developers, test engineers, clients, and end users. 360logica test design based on wise selection of tools and latest use of technology across the board ensures concrete testing solutions leading to booming market reputation of products.

Test Approach: Product Quality Goals

The following quality goals are essential component of 360logica test design and approach and our endeavor is to attain these goals in perfect sense.

  • Reliability: Testing services assuring proper functioning as per client specification and expectation.

  • Robustness: QA services guaranteeing high-level performance and functionality notwithstanding unusual inputs, load increase, and unfavorable conditions.

  • Timeliness: On-time delivery facilitating market introduction.

  • Efficiency: Test approach ensures effective performance in all type of environment

  • Convenience: Easy to use, low maintenance cost, and use of state-of-the-art technology promising a superior customer experience.

360logica Testing Goals: Quality Reigns Supreme

  • Identification of the scope and essence of the testing services and test case coverage documentation.

  • Discovery of anticipated and possible risks obstructing successful completion of projects.

  • Functional verification of integration, critical path working, robustness, and flow correctness.

  • Generation of weekly status reports on the tests and measures.

  • Authentication of the design for consistency and implementation.

  • Ensuring that the application design and functionality is in consistent with industry standards.

  • Confirmation of test product scalability, strength, performance ability, and stability.

  • Identification of performance ‘hot spots’ and strengthening of features vulnerable to problems.

Test Planning and Test Engineering

Test planning and complete control over the test process are keys to successful software testing. 360logica software testing lab streamlines product development and QA process of clients through effective offshore and onsite test management. Our experience in software testing across all domains and use of wide variety of tools help craft customized test process assuring on-time and on-budget project completion. We develop test models and scripts based on behavioral model and compatible to latest technology ensuring the best authentication process and zero-error validation.

360logica Test Planning and Management Services

  • Review of client requirements, thumb functional design, try and end user perspective

  • Development of test scenario and user case as per software testing requirements

  • Defining test sets and regression set keeping in view the possible test models

  • Creation of customized test cases most suitable for specific project need

  • Development of data sets that target specific business logic

  • Analysis of project risk and formulation of test management plans

  • Management of project, treat test process, test models, schedule, and documentation

Test Process: The Five Phases of Software Testing Cycle

Test Models and Planning

360logica Test Planning: The Focus

Our overall approach to the test planning and management focuses on providing the maximum possible benefit to the clients. A detailed summary of activities, our test plan makes everything organized, systematic, and streamlined. It outlines the strategy, focus, tools to be used, cost and time estimates, and different parameters. We also include the test process fundamentals and objectives to achieve at various stages. Our expertise helps make them simple for clients and test engineers to understand and suggest changes.

The key focus of our test planning remains on creating customized test cases that allow maximum coverage within minimum time and cost. We also offer technology-drive test models created for repeat projects. These test models offer ready-to-implement solutions for software testing of simple projects.

360logica Test Planning: Key Benefits

  • Customized test planning and approach

  • Creation of test cases based on behavioral model

  • Test management focuses on time and cost as primary goals along with quality

  • End-user perspective and client convenience drive our quality parameters

  • Use of both open source and licensed tools

  • Trained manpower and latest technology used from test planning to delivery

  • Complete documentation of test process

  • Guaranteed privacy, quality, and low cost

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