To stay successful in today’s competitive market, both quality and speed matters. Today’s business model largely depends upon the integration between the development teams and operations team, commonly known as DevOps to assure both quality and speed. Moreover, the need for continuous collaboration and delivery has led to the adaptation of DevOps and Digital QA culture, including tools and technologies.

Some of the key factors that drive DevOps and Digital QA include:

  • The need to develop cloud-based applications

  • The increasing need for parallel deployment on multiple platforms

  • Timely release of application into production

  • Collaboration between development and operations teams

  • Complex and cloud-based IT infrastructure

360logica DevOps and Digital QA: Offerings

We at 360logica provide comprehensive DevOps and testing solution services to ensure to accelerated time-to-market.The most tending and comprehensive Devops Service we provide are: –

  • Supports Microservices & Serverless Computing – Docker & Kubernetes

  • Zero Downtime Solution

  • Infrastructure Automation on cloud like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

  • One-Click compiles and Deploy build, go for future Application testing like smoke, Acceptance, Performance, generate reports.

  • Automate Deployments, Rollouts and Rollbacks

  • Manage large Infrastructure with CD tools with Ansible, Puppet, Chief Continuous Monitoring and alerting Solution

  • Continuous Integration & Delivery pipelines

  • We Provide deploy DevOps solutions on-Premises, Public or Hybrid cloud.

The popular CI tools like Agile GO, Cruise Control, Puppet, Jenkins, Bamboo, Hudson, and more we focus on improved delivery quality and enhanced operational efficiency

360logica DevOps Test Center of Excellence provides:

  • DevOps maturity evaluation: DevOps state, processes, and tools are accessed based on the DevOps maturity model.

  • DevOps in QA implementation: A standardized process, frameworks, and tools forms the basis of DevOps implementation

  • Automated test composition: CI and continuous delivery tools help in continuous testing, providing comprehensive end-to-end automated solutions.

  • Tool feasibility and recommendations: Software delivery is accelerated by using best fit tools.

360logica DevOps and Digital QA Services

360logica has provided a number of services and helped clients achieve better quality.

  • Monitoring automation to ensure continuous quality

  • Automated test environment virtualization

  • DevOps checklist with standardized processes and guidelines

  • End-to-end test automation, integrated build, and reporting

  • 360logica’s DevOps solution integration with clients’ DevOps teams

DevOps QA is driven by various factors, with continuous testing being the key. 360logica has the right expertise with in-depth knowledge of continuous testing resulting in the high-quality product with the right pace. So, we totally understand the requirement of organizations for DevOps and enable automated test arrangement through an integrated model comprising continuous integration, testing, and delivery. 360logica understanding and experience of the shift-left approach of DevOps has helped the organizations to develop a smooth and continuous development and production environment.

360logica approach towards DevOps and Digital QA

  • Identifying test for build execution

  • Recognizing the build affected areas

  • Configuring special code analysis and coverage tools to ensure complete code coverage

  • Formalizing strategy around testing new feature

  • Standardizing environments and automating deployments

  • Automation testing across multiple platforms using various automation techniques

  • Parallel test execution to reducing time-to-live, which is the key in successful DevOps implementation.

  • Setting exit criteria for each run

  • Reporting and fixing critical before production

Advantage 360logica DevOps QA

DevOps in QA requires realignment of efforts to ensure complete automation in a standardized environment to achieve complete code coverage. In addition, it requires a practice focused on collaboration, automation & performance.

  • Faster time to market

  • Higher quality

  • Increased organizational effectiveness.

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