Mobile & Telecom Testing

360logica specializes in providing wide-ranging, low-cost, and swift mobile web application testing solutions for iOS, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and other smartphone devices with advanced features. Our experts use sophisticated tools to design and implement foolproof testing services that cover complex functional platforms and all types of operating systems. Fully aware of dynamic mobile and telecom industry, we constantly work at our multiplatform Mobile Application Testing Lab to upgrade skills to meet requirements for intricate solutions for all smartphones, including iPhone, iPad, and Android application testing services.

360logica Mobile Application Testing Landscape

Dedicated Mobile Application Testing Lab of 360logica is fully equipped to deliver testing services for companies working fast to introduce mobile software versions. We study, analyze, and thoroughly verify all kinds of small and big mobile applications in our lab. With solid domain expertise and experience in executing mobile, wireless, and telecom software testing projects, we are well placed to offer cost-effective testing services for corporate, consumer, and system mobile software.
We have the expertise to provide comprehensive application testing solutions for all mobile platforms, such as iPhone, Palm, Android, iOS, Symbian, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. Our iPhone application testing services cover the latest versions of devices in the market. Even we have the ability to create mobile application testing frameworks for multiplatform software and games.

The 360logica mobile application testing team includes in-house experts with specialization in iOS, Java ME, SIM Tool Kit, multi-browser applications, BREW, and other technologies commonly used on mobile devices. This allows us to quickly create and execute multiple mobile application testing solutions on a variety of handsets.

360logica designs its mobile application testing services and tools in sync with the latest technology developments in the telecom industry and client requirements for cost-effective manual and automated testing solutions. Right from application store testing to iPad and Android application testing, we have executed a number of projects to the full satisfaction of clients. Our testing services include the study of different hardware and software potential on various smartphone versions and provide solutions accordingly.

Mobile Application Testing Skill Sets

  • Platform: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Palm, Pocket PC, Brew, J2ME, Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc.

  • Handsets: Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Treo, PDA, Android, etc.

  • Server Applications: J2ME, .Net

  • Location-Based Application Testing: Mapping Application, Global Positioning System(GPS), Point of interest Application, Location Based Services Testing

  • Wireless/Mobile Application Testing: Wireless and Internet Security, Video and Picture Sharing Applications, Mobile Social Media, Gaming, Mobile CRM and Mobile ERP, etc.

Mobile and Wireless Application Testing

360logica Mobile Application Testing Offerings

Why 360logica Mobile Application Testing

  • Cost-effective and faster mobile application testing for all devices, functionalities, and OS platforms

  • Comprehensive iPhone, iPad and Android application testing

  • Dedicated multiplatform Mobile Application Testing Lab

  • Expertise to design and develop mobile application testing tools with multi-touch and for a variety of keyboard configurations

  • Real device and real environment testing services

  • iPad and Android application testing keeping in view the complex functionality and constant developments

  • Testing services take care of all possible application aspects, including end-use expediency

  • Comprehensive security testing for alerts, threats, hidden bugs, gestures, and compatibility

  • On-budget and on-time mobile application testing solutions

  • In-house experts and the best talent pool with domain knowledge