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Automation Testing

The most critical approach to reduce time and boost the quality of testing is the software test automation process. Both of these factors are important in the software development life cycle. In addition, cost-effective testing using open source test automation tool can further benefit the overall test automation. By developing persuasive software test automation life cycle for different products, you can maximize resources and increase flexibility.

What is Test Automation?

There is not much difference in the concept of test automation when asked from a layman and a testing expert. Generally, website test automation requires you to use software and tools, which is an ideal alternative to time intensive manual testing. It makes use of competent tools for software products with extended life and maintenance requirements. In order to successfully plan and execute test automation, you need to have an effective framework, tested methodology, and suitable tools.

360logica Offers Quick and Reliable Test Automation at a Low Cost

With the competence in using both open source and licensed tools for test automation, 360logica has the expertise to create software test automation process for applications across a number of domains. Our proficiency in developing test automation tools for customized website allows us to manage product complexities and specific project requirements. Some of the critical components involved in developing user-friendly and unfailing framework for software test automation life cycle by 360logica are discussed below.

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Automation Methodology

The automation methodology and framework used by 360logica ensures optimum use of resources by the clients and helps them exploit best practices. With broad expertise and experience, our test automation specialists successfully deliver everlasting and easy solutions for different kinds of testing, including unit testing, functional testing, and performance testing. We are proficient in creating custom tools and frameworks, especially selenium automation framework for API and CLI-based automation, and more. The advantages of website test automation are further multiplied due to the flexibility and ease of end-user execution features.

Automation Testing Tools

Test automation basics, like quality, effectiveness and economy can be enhanced using the right automated testing tools. 360logica has the expertise to use both open source and licensed test automation tool.
  • Functional test automation tools, such as QTP, Selenium, Test Complete, Ranorex, Testing anywhere, Silktest, Watir, and AutoIt.
  • Performance test automation tools, such as Loadrunner, Webload, Microsoft ACT, WAPT, OPENSTA, Neoload, and JMeter.
Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) lies in our ability in using the test automation tools to its maximum potential and ascertains applications for the entire spectrum of software test automation life cycle. The collaboration with browsemob.com has given an opportunity to clients to enhance the performance of test automation at a nominal cost.

Functional Test Automation

The latest commercial and open source automation tools used by 360logica havehelped putting up a high quality functional testing automation framework. We are known to provide the best software test automation process to our clients with complete reliability. At 360logica, the test automation is planned in such a way that you get quick and accurate report on the application’s quality and consistency. For the products that are change-resistant and economical, we are adept in building functional test automation cycle and effective regression testing capabilities pre- and post-deployment.

Functional Automation Framework

The functional automation framework provided by 360logica suits all budgets and technical needs. We ensure a completely enjoyable automation testing benefits with our systematic approach, extensive use of open source automation tools, skilled resources, high delivery standards, effective planning, and hassle-free transition. Our testing experts performing test automation suggests some of the best test automation open source tool, strategy, framework implementation, and automation maintenance. The ability to create cost effective and hybrid test automation life cycle makes us different and unique.

Performance Testing Frameworks

360logica has mastered all the challenges associated with test automation, especially while providing performance testing frameworks. We extensively use a number of commercial and open source tools, like LoadRunner, WebLoad, OpenSTA, JMeter, and more, to create robust frameworks to test versatile applications. In addition, it allows us to verify software and system compatibility with industry standards by repeatedly making load tests without adding new scripts or additional framework.

Performance Testing Automation

360logica offers a complete range of performance testing automation. We build dynamic software test automation process according to all set parameters using a number of licensed and open source automation tools. Our exclusive expertise lies in creating cost-effective selenium software testing automation process that can match all languages, browsers, and platforms, which is preferredfor regression, performance, functional, and web automation testing. With the expertise in using tools like OpenSTA, LoadRunner, JMeter, and Webload, we ensure performance testing automation for simulated load test. This helps our clients to test the normal load, anticipated future load, scalability, performance, sustainability under high stress and peak load reliability.

Performance Testing

The performance testing offered by 360logica is comprehensive enough to help client business grow and improve the market success of applications. Our lab experts ensure that all key requirements for performance are met along with assuring enhanced system performance by our load testing approach and monitoring.

3PG Methodology

3PG (360logica Performance Group) allows the clients to improvecapability, endurance, and seamless function of their applications under a specific load and stress. The group heads the research and technological advance at 360logica, which fulfills customer requirements and carries on successful reliability testing with focus on standard Performance Acceptance Criteria.


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