3PG Methodology

3PG Methodology

3PG (360logica Performance Group) provides comprehensive performance testing services to help clients assess and improve ability, endurance and seamless function of their applications under a specific load and stress. Spearheading the research and technological advance at 360logica, the group caters to customer requirements and carries on successful reliability testing with focus on standard Performance Acceptance Criteria. Its robust methodology guarantees cost-effective load and stress testing solutions and complete freedom from performance disruptions caused by system bottlenecks.

3PG Performance Testing Features

Experts at 360logica performance testing lab use automated and manual methods to design tests, identify bugs, interpret test results, and resolve performance bottlenecks swiftly. We run a variety of tests that verify, validate, and improve the overall capability of the system and the strength to perform to the fullest.

Test Components

Each type of test has its own merit and contributes to overall robust performance of the application.

  • Performance testing helps figure out the normal load that the system is able to withstand and execute with full potential.
  • Scalability testing in a simulated environment considering the anticipated future load the system has to face and perform without breakdown.
  • Stress testing to find out the performance limitations of the system when faced with highly abnormal peak load and effective ways to maintain its performance level.
  • Reliability testing to observe and fix uninterrupted, sustained load capacity of applications to perform at the highest level.

Performance Methodology: 7 Steps

01 – Test Environment Identification: We identify the physical test environment, including compatible hardware, required software, and well-matched network configurations. Our experts also figure out the exact production environment and select the right tools and resources available and equip test teams accordingly.

02 – Performance Acceptance Criteria Identification: 3PG experts find out the response time and constraints by analyzing the throughput and resource utilization goals. It helps us address general, business, and system concerns.

03 – Test Plan and Design: Performance testing, particularly stress and reliability testing, requires simulated test scenarios. Our experienced professionals determine key scenarios, figure out variability, define test data, execute the process, and establish metrics to be collected.

04 – Test Environment Configuration: 3PG creates the appropriate the test environment and gather resources, including expert manpower and tools, in full compliance with the performance testing strategy.

05 – Test Design Implementation: We develop tests based on the performance test design.

06 – Test Execution: We run performance testing for load, stress, scalability, and reliability and monitor the results.

07 – Results, Report Analysis and Retest: 360logica test engineers document and share results of the performance testing. The data obtained during stress testing and reliability testing is examined by both individual experts and our cross-functional team. Once we have everything in place we retest to ensure further validation wherever needed.

3PG Offers Key Differentiators

Performance testing requires an approach different from the functional test process. We at 360logica fully understand customer requirements and ensure quality, on-budget, and on-time delivery according to expectations. Our minute and detail attention to user activities and behaviors comes handy in designing the accurate tests and examine applications in a more realistic way. Adequate care during the test planning and execution prohibits unauthorized modifications and clients get 100 percent reliable result for load, stress, and scalability testing.


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