Functional Automation Framework

Automation Testing Framework

Opensource Functional Automation Framework

360logica specializes in providing robust and cost-effective functional testing framework most suitable for customer requirements. With extensive proficiency in open source testing tool application and Selenium automation framework development, experts at our state-of-the-art lab create automated functional testing framework that is low on maintenance cost and high on quality and consistency. Our software testing professionals use latest technology and incorporate the best industry practices assuring change adaptive, reliable, and less time intensive automation solutions.

Our Functional Testing Framework: Specialization

The demand for automated functional testing framework, based on selection and effective utilization of the most appropriate open source testing tool, has been on the surge thanks to growing concern for saving time and cost on Application Development and Testing. Our focused approach to functional testing and Selenium automation framework helps clients keep date with their tight schedule. We thoroughly examine core areas of automated software testing, including assumptions, concepts, and practices, and ensure the most-up-to-date automation solution for customers.

Focus on designing change-accommodative and robust testing frameworks guarantees low maintenance cost, consistent performance, and highly adaptive automation testing framework. Startup and Driver Scripts automatically update on observing any change in the application. The functional testing framework is executed by modifying the test case file. Our experts and researchers at 360logica Selenium Automation Functional Testing Lab enrich clients with constant technical support.

360logica Automated Functional Testing: Services

  • Automation testing framework feasibility study
  • Appropriate, efficient, and cost-effective tool recommendation
  • Customized automation testing strategy with focus on time and budget
  • Implementation of automation test framework and validation as per specifications
  • Script development and test of change adaptive features
  • Automation suite maintenance and improvement whenever required

360logica Automated Functional Testing: Offerings

  • Data-driven testing
  • Test script modularity
  • Keyword- or table-driven testing
  • Test library architecture
  • Hybrid test automation

Experts at 360logica software testing center have developed a systematic approach and economical methodology to help clients move from manual to automated functional testing. With a profound understanding of automation testing framework and drawbacks of basic software testing services, our functional testing solutions incorporate the best industry practices and technology. We resort to the use of open source testing tools and Selenium automation framework to deliver on-time and on-budget solutions. The functional testing framework we develop support all types of web applications and perform consistently in a variety of environments.

360logica Automated Functional Testing: Benefits

  • Focused and cost effective approach assuring superior ROI and quality
  • Reliable, consistent, and standardized interface for automated functional testing framework
  • Reusable and easily transferable components
  • Minimum possible time and cost
  • Minimize redundancy through research
  • Maximize testing resources and effort
  • Rapid test development and execution
  • Attention to proper resource utilization and cutting down requirements for functional testing

360logica Automated Functional Testing: Key Differentiators

  • Our systematic approach assures seamless technical transformation and adoption of automation testing framework. We help them enjoy superior benefits and disconnect with manual software testing through effective support and consultation.
  • Hybrid functional testing framework designed and developed by 360logical software testing services are well admired for their high quality, compatibility, and performance.
  • Our functional testing framework encompasses industry’s best practices while giving due attention to client, end user experience, and environment requirements.
  • Selenium Automation Testing Lab equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and in-house experts.
  • Scalable and customized approach makes sure the automated functional testing framework works for subsequent releases without requiring any modification of scripts.
  • We select a variety of ready-to-use licensed and open source testing tools that brings down cost, support industry standards, and meet latest technical requirements.
  • We commit to provide reliable solutions, dedicated service, robust functional testing framework, and maintainable back with guaranteed client satisfaction.
Functional Automation Framework
Functional Automation Framework

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