Performance Testing Automation

Performance testing automation

360logica designs on-time and on-budget performance testing framework perfect for project requirements and fully meets performance parameters set by key stakeholders. With the mission to enhance overall industry quality and enhance standard of services, our load testing approach promises superior product, low cost, zero maintenance, agility, and zero bottlenecks. Our proficiency in performance test engineering assures clients of low development cost and automated systems that support all types of hardware and software. We use a variety of advanced tools, ranging from LoadRunner to open source applications, that identify and resolve bugs within the minimum possible time.

360logica Performance Test Engineering: Key Features

Four Components of Load Testing Approach

  • Performance testing to define and validate normal load capability.
  • Scalability testing keeping in view anticipated future load and ability of performance testing framework to cope with.
  • Stress testing to find out ability of performance testing framework to absorb highly abnormal peak load.
  • Reliability testing to validate uninterrupted, sustained performance.
Performance Testing Automation
Performance Testing Automation

Use of Automated Testing Tools

  • An integral part of our load testing approach, automated testing tools, such as LoadRunner, empower experts at 360logica to evaluate and establish the scalability of applications.
  • We identify and choose automated testing tools according to the specific application requirements.
  • Automated performance testing framework for verification of web applications reduces time and cost overruns on performance fine tuning.
  • A majority of automated testing tools we use are from the open source, which helps create a performance testing framework for every budget.
  • Customizing tools help our load testing approach meet unique environmental requirements.

Why 360logica Performance Test Engineering Services

  • Our expertise in designing performance testing framework and executing test analysis facilitates development teams to effectively focus on their mission objectives.
  • Our experience in delivering performance test engineering services for outsourcing projects benefits clients and assure them of the best quality, superior standard, and trustworthy partnership.
  • Our focus remains on determining the performance parameters, identifying potential limits, and enhancing the ultimate performance through an efficient and cost effective load testing approach.
  • Our experts customize the test environment to find out architectural bottlenecks in the application inhibiting volume and load endurance and suggest and incorporate changes that can enhance performance of applications.
  • Our use of open source tools along with native and third party profilers guarantees economical and realistic performance monitoring and database server profiling.
  • Our effective combination of commercial tools, such LoadRunner, with a variety of open source tools brings down costs while promotes better compatibility.
  • Our advanced testing services ensure realistic proving of a performance testing framework at the development stage and help save cost and time on post-launch remedial works.
  • Our performance test engineering team discerns bugs at the earliest possible ensuring greater product scalability, sales, productivity, and end user trust on client products.

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