Performance Testing Frameworks

Performance testing framework

360logica specializes in creating performance testing automation framework assuring low ownership cost, superior productivity and reduced time-to-market. Our comprehensive market experience as a premier software testing company and expertise in commercial and open source performance test tools, such as WebLoad, NeoLoad, and JMeter performance testing, over the years works to the advantage of clients. We offer efficient and customized system testing automation framework that guarantees better output, eliminates delays, and reduces recurring development expenses during load and stress testing.

Load Testing Architecture

Our load testing architecture is a hybrid solution offering cost-effective and convenient load testing. Befitting our position as a top-notch software testing company, we promise to deliver fully supported automation platforms that sustain and accelerate product development and market introduction. 3PG (360logica Performance Group) perfectly blends automation frameworks with open source performance test tools ensuring improved load testing efficiency and eliminating the need to re-create scripts for new products lunched.

Three Key Components of Load Testing Architecture

For effective system testing, we divide the entire load or stress testing architecture into three parts.

  • Client GUI Application: Stress and load testing is implemented through a browser application. Key applications we use include static HTML, Ajax web development techniques, or other rich internet applications.
  • Internet Protocol: Though HTTP or HTTPS is generally preferred, 360logica performance testing team also runs the test process using multimedia and Web 2.0 protocols, such as RTP/RTSP, SOAP/XML, or RSS.
  • System Under Test (SUT): The main theme of load testing effort, it shows consistency and performs accommodating changes and without requiring new scripts.

Open Source Performance Test Tools

An integral part of 360logica software testing company, 3PG is entrusted with analysis and successful designing of frameworks for load and stress testing. It uses a number of commercial and open source performance test tools for this purpose and customizes them as per project requirements for fast and economical test execution. Each tool conforms to industry standards and is selected based on its versatile application and specific advantage for the project.

  • Commercial Tools: WebLoad, LoadRunner, Rational
  • Open Source Tools: JMeter, OpenSTA, Grinder

OpenSTA: The tool is the best and the most reliable option when system testing engineers perform heavy load testing with performance measurements using scripted HTTP and HTTPS. It is compatible with Win32 platforms and has a number of convenient features.

JMeter: A great open source performance test tool, it helps to execute performance testing equally on static and dynamic resources. A simulated load testing carried on a server, network, or object using this tool help verify performances in response to a variety of payloads.

Grinder: This Java™ load testing framework provides a convenient and error-free way to use load injector machines and execute a distributed test.

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