Test Management

Test Management

Software Test Management

With the increased complexities in testing applications and ever-changing organizational needs effective software test management has gained a lot of significance. It requires great coordination to unify team effort and client requirements with tools and technology especially when developers face the situation of developing and delivering multiple applications at the same time. Perceptive software test management services help in selecting the latest tools and technology that can be utilized by the best personnel and skills recruited.

360logica Targets the Real-Time Software Test Management

Steered by broad experience and utmost competence 360logica software test management services endorse best techniques, ensure maximum swiftness, and align a personalized test management strategy. With proficiency in real-time test management, our focus lies in identifying the best methodology for test management, design, and tools for assessing and following the best parameters in the entire process.

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Test Cases Management & Strategy

360logica software test management process ensures swift progress of all kinds of testing activities by evaluating and integrating them. This helps in accomplishing the set goals. Our test management strategy employs the best tools and skills starting from planning till delivery. This ensures there is no backtracking in case of technological bottlenecks. Our focus on the each phase of the test cycle guarantees a perfect coordination between test asset relationships with special focus on client requirements and budgets. With expertise in testing tools and dependency tracking, we are competent in designing impeccable test plans and utilizing resources in the best possible way. The software test management strategy includes an excellent blend of open source and commercial tools that boost compatibility and proves to be cost-effective.

Test Design & Approach

Our ingenious approach and personalized software test management methodology cater the need to create a test design that reflects all client requirements. The essence of our approach lies in flexibility, which helps us to focus on timeliness, quality, and performance. By implementing the latest Behavioral Modeling technique, we have enhanced the testing quality by covering the maximum test areas. Managers and testing professionals at 360logica carries broad experience and takes all the necessary steps that ensures robustness and functional consistency so as to live up to the clients expectation.

Test Models & Planning

With vast experience in testing and software test management services, our testershelp clients set test goals, choose models, and plan the test activity keeping in mind the cost and time.We also assist client engineering teams to rationalize test planning and models, design their requirements precisely, and generate data sets according to the business requirements. Our knowledge and experience in software test management also allows creating personalized test cases, which identifies and reflect the best test scenarios.

Test Process

The most important aspect of software test management lies in managing the test process in a hassle-free way to ensure smooth flow. 360logica standardized test process focuses on adhering to sub-processes and process included in the master test plan. The validation process includes test specifications and strategy, with prime focus on quality, cost, and business goal. The test process can be adjusted according to the requirements and perception of client business.

Test Team & Communication

Effective communication and coordination are the key to 360logica software test management services. With extensive reporting and proactive communication, 360logica assure the best possible result. Clients are briefed about the progress at each step and their feedback are considered and implemented instantly. Our team hierarchy ensures optimal utilization of resources to provide high performance.

Testing Estimation

Our vast expertise allows us to anticipate dynamic test activities and make a near perfect testing evaluation in advance. The expert team at 360logica is aware of the validation process, including rapid top-down testing estimation and capable of assessing the advantages and disadvantages of various testing models. We are equally proficient in bottom-up estimating techniques, which help breaking down the work structure according to the goals, nature of software, and test control activities. This helps in identifying resources, time, and effort required to complete the testing activity and implement automation. The test master plan is according outlined, keeping in mind the schedule, process, and procedures.


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