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Test Team & Communication

Proactive communication and a well-equipped test team able to deliver suitable solutions are essential prerequisites that define the caliber and commitment of a successful software testing company. Clients expect the vendor testing services to have the same competence, man power, and quality as anticipated from their own test team. They also require an offshore software testing company to have all required test resources at their disposal and keep them informed of developments in an effective and convenient manner. 360logica testing services assure clients of the best quality and superior ROI thanks to its investment in building an excellent test team and acquiring the best test resources over the years. We firmly believe in proactive and continued communication with clients and within the test team as the most important factor in successful completion of testing projects and ensuring client satisfaction.

360logica Testing Services: Communication Leads the Way

Effective communication with clients holds the key to successful project completion. Just assigning specific tasks to the test team of assembled superstars cannot guarantee success. The test engineers must be aware of the detail client perception, tasks and objectives, problems faced by developers, and targeted market prospective. The project manager of the assigned software testing company must keep clients and development teams of their findings and solicit their suggestions.

Communication is the keystone of our flexible and transparent approach. We, at 360logica, follow a systematic mode of communication. Our two-way communication routed through trained project managers helps avoid confusion and misinterpretation that may impact the overall test planning and execution. 360logica test team keeps clients informed about progress through multi-channel communication. They can ask, inform, and suggest to project managers on phone, email, and personal instant message.

360logica Testing Services: Experienced and Expert Test Team

360logica software testing company has built its test teams based on technology, domain, and ample scope for individual and team growth. Team spirit, commitment, professional goals, and zeal to contribute the best drive our test team. A perfect mix of experienced, motivated, and energetic professionals, the test team is endowed with all test resources. Its test planning ability assures low testing cost and on-time delivery while technical proficiency and knowledge of market conditions add to the life-cycle management of applications.

Test Team Characteristics

  • In-house experts facilitating knowledge exchange and value addition through experience
  • Well-trained test engineers and professional experts
  • Adequate technical and nontechnical resources at the disposal of test teams
  • Expertise in both licensed and open source tools
  • Professional manpower for both on-site and outsourcing testing services
  • Self-sufficient test team with functional and performance ability of the highest level
  • Regular training and workshops to adopt to the changing industry trends
  • Selected professionals on the basis of professional quality and qualification

Test Roles and Responsibility

The role and responsibility of each member is clearly defined at every stage of the testing process. Though the book continues to guide the flow of testing services, our test approach allows each professional to showcase his creativity and work to his full capacity. The team spirit guides all and the test team acts as a cohesive unit complementing each other. Right from test planning to product delivery, experts at 360logica strive to achieve professional excellence at every stage. The following chart showcases the roles and responsibilities within the team at different levels.

Test Team Composition

  • Test Manager
  • Sr. Test Lead
  • Test Lead
  • Sr. Test Analyst
  • Sr. Test Engineer
  • Test Analyst
  • Test Engineer
  • Junior Test Engineer

Domain and Business Analysis Team

  • Business Analyst – QA
  • Domain Analyst

Configuration Management and Build Team

  • Build Engineer
  • Configuration Manager
  • Configuration Management Analyst

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