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Testing Estimation

Test estimation makes complex, high-risk endeavor, such as software testing, easy and accurate. A number of factors influence effort, time, cost, and resources vital for test planning and execution. These factors impact the test development schedule, delivery, and standard of quality. A practical and precise estimation at the start helps make a robust test planning, keep test effort compliant with the planned activities, and achieve the desired results.

At 360logica lab, software testing experts use their experience and expertise to plan the entire test development process keeping in view client requirements, budget, and time. Based on the most pragmatic industry metrics, we describe all major and minor dependencies and ensure that emergence of unforeseen situations do not impact the test effort. Our test estimation takes into cognizance all required cost, time, resources, methodology, tools, and risks associated, and we come out with a detail plan offering clients a complete preview of their software testing projects. Whenever there is a need for test estimation improvement warranted by unique circumstances, our dynamic use of techniques and estimating skills come to the rescue and disallow cost and time escalation.

360logica Test Estimation Methods

  • Top-down estimation based on appropriate uses, limitations and previous history of similar tests
  • Bottom-up estimation following work breakdown structure level by level
  • Test-based estimation determined on the basis of test planning and design methods, number of tests, and nature of tests
  • Estimation during the project execution through test monitoring and identifying extra testing effort needed
  • Estimation refinement through control over test development

A project has its own process, materials, tools, and complications. It calls for experts well aware of its requirements and able to execute required activities. Prior test estimation helps managers and test teams become well aware of possible situations and commit time and resources accordingly. While experience is the ultimate help in making test estimations, smart professionals in the team able to think out of box can foresee and figure out impact of each factor on the test development process. It reduces unnecessary QA/testing budget and ensures controlled testing assuring impartial test results.

Test Estimation
Test Estimation

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