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Component Unit Testing

Component and unit testing at 360logica Lab is an essential part of our commitment to follow the global delivery model and guarantee on-budget and on-time foreseeable software quality gains. Effective component testing by experienced software product testing experts at our lab makes sure each and every component of the software is tested for its quality, performance, and security and the application works to its full potential and bug free in the real environment. We verify each part using established unit testing methods to find out potential liabilities of individual parts of an application and ensure each part is capable of doing its function and contribute to the overall performance.

360logica Component Testing Services

An application is comprised of a number of software and system components of various size and complexity. Proper functioning of the application demands that all these components are arranged in a logical order and free from any possible fault. The 360logica software testing team well experienced in the component testing process examines all parts of an application separately keeping in view their logical arrangement and integration with each other. No matter how large is the number of test cases, we make sure even the smallest subsystems are tested and verified both individually and as a part of the entire system.

Component Testing: Types

360logica software testing services cover verification of the following types of components irrespective of their size and complexity under various situations.

  • Reusable Component Testing:¬†Our software product experts segregate components purported for reuse and test their efficacy using a wide range of values.
  • Focused Component Testing: We verify and validate functioning of components designed for use for a single committed purpose using higher quality parameters.
  • Domain Components: 360logica testing services authenticate and establish correctness and reliability of components representing important domain concepts.
  • Commercial Components: Experts at our lab test liability, consistency, usability, and functions of components designed to be marketed as individual products.

Component Testing: The Process and Value Addition

360logica focuses on value proposition during software testing and assures customers that their applications are tested thoroughly. We fully recognize importance of component testing and verify individual credentials as well as performance of a component in the integrated setup. Every time a problem is found and rectified, components as well as the entire system are retested for its confirmation. Similarly, when a change is incorporated in the system, we track the test cases influenced by it and verify their efficacy.

Component Testing: Value Addition by 360logica

Component testing by 360logica adds a number of advantage to client products, the foremost being the thorough verification of applications. We examine a component from three angles, professional software testing, unforgiving end users, and sync with the predictable state of the system. Notwithstanding the complexity, we have capable experts who can carry out component testing at the earliest and keep date with the planned market introduction. Effective documentation of both back and front end functioning of every component is an essential part of our software product testing and make sure we know and analyze every system bit by bit.

360logica Unit Testing Services

360logica software testing team has the proficiency and resources to provide comprehensive unit testing services. With focus on verification of every module in isolation for potential bugs, we strive to ensure that each unit satisfies individual as well as overall software requirements. We use a range of licensed and open source unit testing tools, including Nunit, JUnit, PHP Unit, and others. Our extensive experience over the years makes sure we do not err in this extreme programming maxim and authenticate routine functions of every unit effectively and perfectly. Our software product testing experts follow an approach that makes every bit of the application and test codes goal-oriented.

Unit Testing: The Process and Principles

  • Unit testing of each module or class is carried out in isolation to confirm its behavior both from individual and integration point of view.
  • Running of unit testing process in an artificial environment against expected or set software testing parameters and examination of routine activities of the module separately.
  • Analysis of unit activities established during the test against known or expected values. It is compared with previous test results to discern change and factor leading to change.
  • Integration of all modules and test run to verify the software as a whole.

Six cardinal principles of unit testing at 360logica Lab:

  • First write the test
  • Do not write a test that succeeds at the first attempt
  • Begin with a zero case that has no potential to work
  • Do superficial things to ideate and run the test
  • Slack pairing and testability go side by side
  • Use artificial scenarios and objects replicating real ones

360logica Unit Testing Advantages:

  • Precise and accurate test scenarios writing that guarantees replication of exact function each unit intended to perform.
  • Unit testing by programmers under expert guidance.
  • QA and quality tracking both at individual unit and integration level during the software product testing process.
  • Focus on bug identification and modification considering the overall function and individual role in artificial and real environment.
  • Documentation of unit testing and test run keeping in view the routine as well as exact function.
  • Integrated software testing and tracking of units found with potential liability to check their smooth functioning.

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