Robotic Process Automation

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has changed the way companies offer their services by allowing users to ease, accelerate, and improve the accuracy of manual and repetitive tasks. Robotic process automation is more than a testing tool. There are various tools available that enables software teams to build and execute automated tests. However, these tools are exclusively designed for testing and nothing else. Robotic process automation (RPA) tools have taken the concept of test automation tool to the next level, allowing people to build complex and rules driven business processes with little software development skills.

360logica RPA Testing Services

360logica has been providing comprehensive Robotic Process Automation testing to a number of organizations in a wide range of areas including automated data entry, file and data manipulation, automated formatting, and multi-format message creation. 360logica’s investment in RPA tools shows our commitment to provide enhanced offerings and greater business benefits for our clients worldwide.

With tools like UiPath automation software, we are able to take the process improvement to a higher level, especially around manual and labor intensive activities in functions such as Industrial machines, HR, Finance and Accounting, and Supply Chain management. Such RPA tools are very versatile and can automate any software without accessing the target code. RPA environments are extremely flexible, allowing you to use a pool of resources (robots) to carry out any task automated through RPA. In addition, processes can be scheduled to run without any human intervention.

360logica RPA Testing Process

360logica RPA Testing
360logica provides a comprehensive RPA testing solution to companies with product like industrial robots, configurable linear modules, machine controllers for robot mechanisms and other flexible automation equipment, machine vision, and systems and applications software.

The applications are designed to generate instructions and programs which are then embedded with robots to operate its functionalities and behavior. There are some predefined keywords which are designed for different actions/movement of robots. Some of these keywords are for robot movement and some for robotics language structure. 360logica RPA testing approach includes the following:

  • Handling huge volume of data collected from industrial/construction machines and distributing according to the requirement.
  • Generating automation scripts in V+ and verify the behavior of keywords, which were to handle robot movement.
  • Creating small piece of code based on the requirement and executing them.
  • Understanding the physical structure of Robots through videos or other convenient mediums to understand different Keyword instructions.
  • Designing a framework to execute all scripts at once.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Tools and Technologies

  • C#
  • Robot Emulator
  • Ace (IDE for V+)
  • NUnit
  • DirectX9
  • .NET 4.0
  • Blueprism
  • UiPath

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