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Usability Testing Services

The success of any application depends on the degree of usability and satisfaction it provides to customers. 360logica usability and content testing experts make sure a software product is verified with focus on the best end user experience and its advantage over competitive applications. Our usability testing and QA services check and establish compatibility of applications and their hassle-free integration with websites, CRM and other software, Internet applications, multimedia tools, and consumer electronic devices. While the focus of our usability and content testing services remains on industry-specific needs of end users, comprehensive QA services by us help clients improve their products and promote its marketability.

Scope of 360logica Usability Testing

The rich expertise we have added over the years and constant upgrading of our skills have immensely contributed to our capability to test usability of almost all types of applications. Our usability testing proficiency covers anything interacting or has potential to interact with users. We have ample expertise in testing usability of the following types of application.

  • Web Applications: All types of applications, including websites, Internet applications, e-commerce, portals, intranets, and e-stores.
  • Desktop Applications: Any type of software used on desktop or personal computers.
  • Consumers Devices: Consumer electronics of all categories, including cell phones across all OS platforms, iPads, iPhones, computer hardware, and printers.
  • Office Applications: Database applications, customer-servicing process, automation software for attendance, book keeping, and accounting, and internal processes.
  • Texts: Any kind of applications for use on print or digital media.

We also carry out review of documents and testing of prototypes. Our experts use various usability and content testing methods and ramp up QA services for mock-ups, videos, and functional simulations.

360logica Usability and Content Testing: Process and Steps

  • Introduction: The participant is introduced to goals and objective of the study and the session.
  • Briefing: Experts brief participants on the nature of applications, ask questions on subjective issues, and allot them short and straightforward tasks.
  • Testing: Participants are encouraged to work on tasks allotted and comment on anything they come across during the execution process.
  • Satisfaction: We provide common questionnaires to participants and they are asked to assess their level of satisfaction with various features, design, operational freedom, and compatibility of the application.
  • Discussion: 360logica team discusses with participants about points, behavior, and vital features identified during the usability testing. Elaborate feedback from them on various points and their comments on feature-specific decisions and ways of reasoning help us establish usability and compatibility level of the application and suggest changes.
  • Closing: We prepare elaborate documentation for future reference and thank participants for their valuable time. All participants are provided gifts on behalf of our clients.

360logica Usability and Content Testing: Value Proposition

  • Experts at 360logica Lab focus on SWAT analysis of products. All strength and weakness are analyzed and thoroughly verified.
  • Our focus remains on comprehensive product compatibility validation. All features, right from the homepage and structure to navigation and aesthetic competency, are duly checked and improved.
  • Content testing and QA services by 360logica goes well beyond what we see and check the product efficacy against all possible end user expectations.
  • The usability testing and documentation process we follow verify and list problems as a whole and those associated with specific features and suggest appropriate changes that help improve the user experience with the product.
  • We also recommend appropriate changes that make content more scannable and enhance its readability and comprehensiveness.
  • 360logica suggestion also includes reference for future work, additional assessments of design, and effective approach to development process.
  • We measure our success rate on the basis of client satisfaction, consistency in providing quality testing services, and on-time completion of task.
  • Participants are encourage to provide feedback in different forms, such as comments, critical analysis, questions, and suggestions that help us analyze the findings more objectively.
  • We validate standard checklist based on our market experience and findings as well as the one proposed by customers.
  • Above all, 360logica’s position as the leading offshore software testing company in India stems from its ability to offer QA services and usability and content testing for all types of budget.

360logica’s capability to provide extensive usability testing and comprehensive QA services add to its position as the foremost offshore software testing company in India. Through analysis and verification of design, features, and structure by our experts within the budget and on time guarantee user friendly utilization and satisfied performance of client software products.

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