360logica Center of Excellence: The Mission</h3
We endeavor to establish 360logica as a competency hub for QA consulting and independent software testing solutions. With the mission to provide the best possible and cutting edge QA services, we continuously strive to develop our core competencies and accomplish advancements in areas of operations related to software product testing, automation, test management, and testing solutions for ISVs. Our objective is to foster excellence in outsourced software testing solutions through adoption of international standards and progressive improvement of proficiency of our professionals. With the aptitude to ideate and create innovative business solutions, 360logica software testing services make optimum utilization of latest techniques and tools for testing, skilled manpower, and resources to ensure strategic benefits for our clients.

360logica software testing services focus on well-defined processes underlined by cutting-edge technology, impeccable business analysis, and our experience of executing tasks that span from individual to the corporate level. We are fully equipped to deliver customized solutions for businesses through third party product testing, QA consulting, development of software testing automation, performance testing, and functional testing. Our team uses established tools to manage, schedule, and monitor projects while effective communication and flexible approach offer clients to track the progress.

Organization Structure

The organizational structure of 360logica CoE is a perfect blend of expertise and experience. Professionals from different backgrounds well experienced in software testing across multiple sectors contribute to innovativeness and speedy implementation in our work process. The perfect combination of expertise and experience spreading make every team capable and adept in latest tools. This enables our software testing experts to fulfill client expectations and provide them unique market advantages.

Product Testing

The test manager works in tandem with the customer and delivery manager for conceptualizing and creating testing roadmap and provides guidance to team accordingly. The software product testing team ensures high quality deliverables to the customer and works closely with onsite and offshore members.

Third Party Testing Solutions

Dedicated team provides affordable and quality third-party testing solutions for ISVs, full-fledged QA services, performance testing, and functional testing, and web application testing as per project requirements

Business Analysis

360logica has ample experience in providing effective business or domain analysis as per client’s requirements. We have carved out a niche for ourselves in software testing because of our understanding business benchmarks, support services, and testing solutions focused on domain and analytics.

Our Advantage

The 360logica Center of Excellence acts as a marshalling hub to create and implement new, cost-effective software testing solutions offering clients competent market advantage and the highest quality of services. Our work ethics, strategic initiatives, communication, and commitment to quality are geared to exceed expectations of clients looking for low-cost and high-quality outsourced software testing solutions. 360logica experts have the knack and ability to turn opportunities into successful endeavors and offer holistic business solutions.

360logica team entrusted with outsourced software testing fully understands the strategic importance of cost saving, timeliness, quality benchmarks, and fool proof market introduction. Our software testing partners stand to gain from our high-standard of quality and commitment to shared benefit. We are sincere to ensure that their interests are best protected through the following steps.

  • Responsive and convenient communication round the clock offering test management support, technical support, post-user acceptance testing support, and QA services.

  • Efficient human resource allocation keeping in view the project-specific requirements of clients. Each member of the team entrusted with providing testing solutions for ISVs, software testing automation, performance testing, security, or functional testing has clear understanding of his role and client expectations.

  • 360logica helps its professionals progressively acquire knowledge in sync with latest developments in the software testing to make sure we match the client’s requirements. While in-house experts complement and train each other while working together, we are flexible enough to revamps teams at the shortest possible notice and according to immediate requirements to develop a customized test framework.

  • Our software testing services are competitively priced to give clients and edge in the market. Affordability and low-cost, 360logica offers, effectively reduce budget for software testing automation and user acceptance testing enabling businesses to get the best at the minimal expenditure.

  • The experience we have gained while working for multiple businesses helps us predict and reduce software product testing costs effectively, visualize bottlenecks beforehand, and effectively control and coordinate the test management process.

  • Continuous technical improvements help us innovate new tools for testing, selenium automation testing framework, and test management and enhance our ability to provide better levels of service, accountability, access to technology, and cost and performance transparency to the ultimate benefit of our outsourced software testing partners.

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