Testing Services Verticals

A perfect software testing service provider must have industry specific expertise so that it can anticipate the opportunities, failures and needs for improvement during the testing. E-commerce testing differs in breadth and length from e-learning courses testing. BFSI testing services should have greater understanding of specific business goals and end user expectations much like the social media and mobile telecom testing. Auction and game testing services must be aware of typical process the industry follows.

360logica Software Testing Verticals: Wide Coverage With Industry Proficiency

Best testing practices, stout test management and industry-specific proficiency are three key parameters that make 360logica chosen software testing vendor for many across the world. Its expertise has earned itself name and fame as a leader in financial product testing services. Our e-commerce testing services cater to the need of diverse sectors while our proficiency in mobile telecom testing is demonstrated from long list of satisfied clients we have. Be it e-learning courses testing, auction website testing, web 2.0 testing or healthcare application testing services, our endeavor is to provide best possible services to the complete satisfaction of those who trust us.

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BFSI Testing Services

BFSI testing services by 360logica reduces the overall cost by 70 percent while fulfilling all specifications related to competency, reliability, performance, security and end user expectations. We have expertise and resources enriched by financial product testing experience over the years to understand and examine typical requirements and unique conditions explicit to banking, insurance and other industries in this segment. Our BFSI testing services include the following categories.
  • Testing of financial applications related to capital market, trading, credit domain, payment systems, investment management, corporate accounting, wealth management, institutional equities and investor management.
  • Testing of banking applications related to retail banking, net and mobile banking, corporate banking, money transfer and customer management.
  • Testing of applications related to credit card, loans, microfinance, etc.
  • Testing of Insurance application related to claims processing, customer service, accounting, regulatory and other to dynamic subjects in this segment.

Cross Industry Testing

360logica software testing team is adept in cross industry testing of software applications. We have earned this expertise through our experience in working with different clients in media, publishing, manufacturing, legal, travel, automobile and healthcare sectors. Our commitment for the best, ready-to-use test packs, use of open source testing tools, and conformity to international standards allow us serve clients from diverse sectors with different requirements. Team 360logica is adaptive to domain and technology, as per client requirements. The practical knowledge we have and exposure to variety of industrial requirements have given a boost to our competence, superior talent pool and infrastructure for cross industry testing.

E-Commerce & Auction

Our team has demonstrated its proficiency in handling complex and critical e-commerce applications. 360logica e-commerce testing is designed to ensure low cost and fast testing while adapting to your business goals. We make sure testing of your e-commerce application, irrespective of industry, can withstand business criticality, time pressures and tough consumer expectations. Our e-commerce testing validates such application keeping in view the need for greater market integration. 360logica auction website testing services not only focus on continuous technology integration, but also enhancing performance and attractiveness of applications. We offer e-commerce and auction website testing, including general website testing, various scenarios testing, algorithm verification, performance and end-to-end workflow testing and security testing.

E-Learning Content Management

360logica offers comprehensive content management system and e-learning courses testing services. Our team has provided e-learning courses testing solutions for AICC/SCORM compliant content. We have expertise in working learning management systems using different platforms, such as ASP, Java or .NET, ASPEN, SumTotal, SABA, DOCENT, Plateau and others. The team has professional experience in testing Fatwire, Joomla and Alfresco custom software-based content management systems.

Gaming Testing Services

With focus on quality, safety and validation of agreed criteria, 360logica offers gaming testing services of the highest level. We cater to wide-ranging gaming application testing for PC, cell phone games, iPhone, XBOX 360, Playstation, and Nintendo Wii. Our staff is well versed in testing flash-based video and mobile games testing in controlled lab environment and at reasonable cost. Gaming testing on a closed network help monitor and validate applications while ensuring complete security, privacy and fast completion of the project.

Healthcare Software Testing

360logica team entrusted with healthcare application testing services has succeeded in accomplishing challenging projects. Our team has delivered healthcare application testing services based on rigorous quality and security requirements. The quality standards, delivery procedures and work ethics at 360logica guarantee assured, reliable and foolproof validation of applications and embedded software for
  • Healthcare management
  • Medical instrumentation and imaging
  • Clinical systems and biotech research
  • Healthcare-oriented life-critical systems
  • Financial and accounting applications for healthcare industry
  • Drug distribution, medical stockiest applications
  • OTC, drug compliance and research

Mobile & Telecom Testing

We have proficiency in mobile telecom testing across all hardware and platforms. 360logica mobile telecom testing team has been validating telecom application for system, corporate and consumer use for years irrespective of size and software offerings. We have expertise in mobile application testing for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and other known platforms. Our telecom testing services for all platforms, handsets and server applications include,
  • Planning mobile telecom test strategies and developing test cases
  • Creating mobile test scripts and test automation frameworks
  • Test execution and bug reporting
  • Test harnesses, test suites maintenance and test engineers support
  • Interoperability and compatibility testing
  • Location and carrier-based application testing, such as GPS
  • Wireless and security application testing
  • Game and Mobile ERP testing

Retail Software Testing

360logica retail software testing services offer assured quality and comprehensive device, POS, RFID and SOAT or system operation acceptance testing. Our knowledge of the industry and understanding of application needs give an upper hand in providing the best possible approach for retail software testing. We make sure that your application has zero error and perform beyond expectations through sequential test case design. Test implementation monitored by our Retail Centre of Excellence involves best talents and tools and takes into cognizance all your business needs.

Social Media Web 2.0 Testing

We are fully geared up to meet dynamic social media testing needs. 360logica offers ready-to-use test packs useful for web 2.0 testing. Our team has profound expertise allow us to offer following social media testing services.
  • SEO testing
  • Social networking system testing
  • Content management system testing
  • Validation of application for traceability of functions
  • Usability and online advertisement testing
  • SaaS and web analytics testing


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